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1463380cookie-checkNexon America Lays Off Staff And Denies That It Was Due To LawBreakers

Nexon America Lays Off Staff And Denies That It Was Due To LawBreakers

Nexon America has laid off more workers to reevaluate and reconstruct the company, but Nexon America made it clear that LawBreakers’ failure had nothing to do with an “undisclosed” amount of workers getting laid off.

Nexon America seems to be going through some questionable times, but it’s uncertain how concerning these times are due to the company keeping silent about an “undisclosed” amount of workers having to leave the company.

According to publication site it is said that Nexon America has laid off an “undisclosed number” of staff following restructuring at the company. The company is said to be reorganizing itself so that it can focus on its “most promising titles.”

If you don’t know, this information comes a couple months after its acquisition of mobile studio Pixelberry Studio, which Nexon America purchased back in November of 2017.

The publication site also made mention that a spokesperson for Nexon explained that the U.S. branch was restructured to “streamline operations” better and reset the “organization” to pursue a deeper focus on existing “titles”.

According to the publication site, Nexon seems very disappointed in Boss Key Productions due to the company bringing up multiple times in its latest report of how LawBreakers had “poor” sales performance.

Although LawBreakers was and still is performing poorly, Nexon America claims that its poor performance had no bearing on this “undisclosed” amount of workers laid off.

Looking over to, a number of staff have taken to Twitter to state that they have been affected by the layoffs, prompting the outlet to question if LawBreakes had something to do with it.

A spokesperson for Nexon then confirmed the layoffs, and stated that they did not come as a result of the poor performance of LawBreakers.

As it stands now, employees at Nexon America claim that more than one-fifth of the studio’s staff have been affected by the layoff, while a Nexon America spokesperson noted that…

“We are a financially stable and growing company continuing to report record earnings. Changes we made are not tied to financial reasons, but to turn Nexon around in an effort to establish ourselves as a strong player in the Western market, replicating the success Nexon has had in Asia.”

Well, if Nexon wants to see success in the West it surely won’t be through LawBreakers.

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