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1464550cookie-checkTiny Metal Trailer For Nintendo Switch Reminds Gamers That It Exists

Tiny Metal Trailer For Nintendo Switch Reminds Gamers That It Exists

Untie and Area 35’s Tiny Metal has been on the Nintendo Switch since December 21st of 2017 last year. The game came out to middling-to-negative reviews due to some glitches and issues with the performance side of things. Following some updates from the developer covering the new content and fixes in patch 1.0.10, Nintendo decided to remind gamers that Tiny Metal does indeed exist for the hybrid game console.

The trailer is just a standard launch trailer, and the only positive review score they could properly add to it Taro Yako from Nier fame saying “This is good”.

The promo trailer highlights how this is a Japanese turn-based tactical strategy sim “at its finest”, hearkening back to the days where games like Advanced Wars were rocking the sales charts and dominating the turn-based sector on portable devices. You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer is actually pretty slick, and it also covers some of the post-launch content available for Tiny Metal, such as the free PvP update that’s supposed to be coming soon.

The 1.0.10 patch originally was only made available for Steam users on PC when it first launched back at the end of January, where it addresses some of the issues that people had with the game, including improving the UI, balancing out some of the unit abilities and functionality, and fixing some of the bugs related to unlocking New Game+ and earning certain victory conditions.

Nintendo likely wanted to roll out the new trailer in order to help lure some gamers back into the fold after there was a lot of disappointment with the original release of the game for the Switch back in December.

If you were curious about Tiny Metal for Nintendo’s little Switch that could, you can hit up the eShop store page to learn more.

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