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Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Soundtrack Now Available

Dim Bulb Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment’s Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is available for PC. Along the game’s release the soundtrack is also available right now for purchase from the Bandcamp store for $10.

The game’s soundtrack is composed and arranged by Ryan Ike, the same mind behind the soundtrack to the game West of Loathing, the popular satirical point-and-click game.

Ike explained that Ike couldn’t wait to score the soundtrack for Where The Water Tastes Like Wine due to how it compliments the different styles within the American folk sub-genre. You get folk-rock, country-folk, instrumental, folk, and other types of music themed around this oftentimes forgotten music style of the early 20th century.

The album contains 30 tracks… yes, count ’em 30. The music is an eclectic canvas of different examples of exploring folk music beyond what you might expect from the genre. You can grab a listen below to sample the soundtrack.

Ike explained in the press release how the soundtrack came together and what he wanted to do to really raise the awareness and perception of American folk music, saying…

“Working on this soundtrack has been a dream come true for a lot of reasons. I’ve always been really interested in how music can change and take on a life of its own as people share it, and getting to explore that idea with WTWTLW’s world map theme (which shifts styles and influences depending on where you are in the country) was awesome. I’m also a big fan of how people from different backgrounds can come together to form one musical culture. I think American Folk music is one of the best examples of that, and writing this soundtrack meant I got to work with a ton of amazing performers from all over the country, including many I’ve been wanting an excuse to hire for a long time. Working on this game really crossed a lot of stuff off my musical bucket list!”

The digital album will be accompanied by a physical double LP release scheduled to ship during the second quarter of 2018.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine - Double LP

You can pre-order the vinyl right now for $35. Alternatively you can pick up the digital soundtrack of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine for $10.

You can also pick up a digital copy of the game itself, which is available from participating digital distribution outlets.

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