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1510270cookie-checkBeyond Skyrim: Morrowind Mod Teaser Reveals Familiar Places

Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind Mod Teaser Reveals Familiar Places

The same team behind the massive mod Beyond Skyrim: Bruma released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming mod Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind. The mod will let players explore Morrowind and discover a re-imagined version of the popular location from the Elder Scrolls series.

The first official teaser trailer for Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind has appeared. The mod in question will let Skyrim players revisit Morrowind and discover the popular game all over again. The official teaser trailer for the upcoming mod can be seen right here thanks to Beyond Skyrim YouTube channel.

Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind teaser trailer also comes with a description that offers an idea as to what Skyrim players will encounter in the upcoming mod. You can read the description below:

“Venture to Morrowind, a vast and alien land that has suffered greatly at the hands of fate. Lose yourself in the complicated politics of the plotting Houses of the Dunmer, discover the strange and beautiful life that makes its home in the east, or uncover the secret histories that lie beneath the ash. Rediscover the lands of the east, reimagined and rebuilt in the 4th Era by a passionate and dedicated modding team.”

The 2011 game by Bethesda will revisit the older 2002 game locales, but it’s unclear if any new gameplay mechanics will be added or if it’s just an update of the original Morrowind made for Skyrim.

Given that the mod team released Beyond Skyrim: Bruma to players and patches to fix various problems should mean that this mod will see a similar release. Hopefully the mod team can follow their past actions to deliver this mod so that it won’t follow other ambitious mods and stay in perpetual development.

No release date has been announced by the team yet for Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind, but if you want to keep up to date with this mod and learn more you can hit up

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