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1515640cookie-checkGarage Is Inspired by VHS Horror B-Movies, Heads To Switch May 10th

Garage Is Inspired by VHS Horror B-Movies, Heads To Switch May 10th

TinyBuild announced that the top-down, Hotline Miami-esque, B-movie inspired action-survival game, Garage, will launch first on the Nintendo Switch starting this spring.

While Republicans continue the attack on video games for being a cause of real life violence, apparently Nintendo didn’t get or care about the memo because they’ve teamed up with tinyBuild to release the gory shooter game Garage first on the Nintendo Switch.

The game was featured in the recent Nindies showcase and is said to be a love letter to the B-movie VHS horror-slashers from the 1980s. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of GameTrailers.

The top down action title sees players attempting to survive against all manner of disturbing creatures and abominable horrors.

Like most top-down games the trick is to scavenge for weapons and attempt to use your limited supplies to survive through a horde of monsters.

Developer Zombie Dynamics seems to be going for the Hotline Miami or Alien Shooter crowd with their new title.

Parts of the game look methodical, with players having to slice off the heads of zombies and decommission their body by driving an axe through it, while other parts look more arcade-oriented. We see a horde of zombies coming after players in an almost bullet-hell style formation, while in another case a giant zombie in a Thunder Dome arena is firing at players using a mounted gun from what looks like a scraps from a tank.

It’s a little hard to get excited because I haven’t seen enough that convinces me this is anything more than a clone of Hotline Miami. If you haven’t already played Hotline Miami and you want something like it on the Switch then that’s understandable. If, however, you mainly game on your PC and you already have Hotline Miami, it’s a little difficult to see what the appeal would be for a game like this.

Anyway, if you’ve been craving B-movie style horror-action from your Nintendo Switch, you can look for Garage to launch first on Nintendo’s console starting May 10th.

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