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1518380cookie-checkHero Arm, Medically Approved Bionic Prosthetic Launches April 25, 2018 In UK

Hero Arm, Medically Approved Bionic Prosthetic Launches April 25, 2018 In UK

Open Bionics announced that the 3D printed, bionic prosthetic called the Hero Arm, will be available for U.K., residents starting April 25th, 2018. The bionic limb replacement will only be available for those with a missing limb from below the elbow.

At present, registration for the Hero Arm has opened up over on the Open Bionics website.

You can put in your name, e-mail address and the reasons why you’re interested in the bionic limb to sign-up for notifications about the availability of the Hero Arm.

A demonstration of its functionality and capabilities was made available via a tweet from Open Bionics that contained a video of the first medically approved 3D-printed bionic arm in action. Check it out below.

Like the other prosthetic limbs made available from Open Bionics, the Hero Arm features a fully 3D printed design with customizable removable plate covers, a removable battery located underneath the plates so you won’t have to attach any electronic straps to your upper arm or torso like some other limbs, and it continues a flexible inner liner that can be adjusted to fit the wearer.

To reduce sweating and discomfort, there are ventilated air shafts within the inner lining, along with an ergonomic design so that it offers a stylish look to match its functionality.

This is a great step forward in limb replacement for amputees, especially gamers looking to take advantage of today’s cutting edge tech in the virtual reality market.

Open Bionics - Hero Arm Gaming

Now, precision gaming is still a ways off for the standard 3D printed arms, which lack the nerve response timing offered by myo-prostheses, and affordable bionic surgery isn’t quite within the average consumer’s reach, but there are great strides being made and lots of cost effective alternatives popping up for those on a budget.

Even still, if you want a cool new bionic replacement for your missing arm, or you know someone who needs a replacement, you can sign up for the notification for when the Hero Arm goes live via Open Bionics on April 25th by visiting the official website.

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