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No Man’s Sky Next Update To Bring Xbox One And WeGame Support

No Man’s Sky is out now, however its NEXT update will bring Xbox One support through 505 Games, and it will expand to China via WeGame. This move explained by Sean Murray also reveals a new teaser trailer and what plans Hello Games have for No Man’s Sky.

Whether you like him or not, Murray has broken radio silence once again to announce on that the space game go to the NEXT level this summer, and that’s why the update is called No Man’s Sky NEXT.

It’s unclear when No Man’s Sky will debut exactly in 2018 for Xbox One and Xbox One X, but it is said that it will come with Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises and NEXT from day-one, in 4K and HDR for Xbox One X. What we do know is that the update and Xbox One X support is coming this summer.

As for the WeGame version, Murray went on to explain that ever since Atlas Rises, China is now the team’s second biggest region for players, and that he’s delighted to be able to support Chinese players further.

According to a Reddit post that retrieved an email from Murray to PCGamer, it relayed that No Man’s Sky is “far from over” and that this upcoming update is “an important Next step,” which means there is much more the devs will add to this game.

I do wonder, though, how the Xbox One port will be given that at launch both the PC and PS4 versions of No Man’s Sky suffered from many issues, it’ll be interesting to see if Hello Games will be able to perfect past mistakes or if they’ll reappear when 505 Games helps the indie team on the publishing side of things?

While we wait to see what this NEXT update has to offer via a proper teaser or gameplay trailer, do you think that No Man’s Sky will recover and be a game worth playing/revisiting or no?

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