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1518810cookie-checkOne Minute Of Cancelled Prey 2 Footage Appears

One Minute Of Cancelled Prey 2 Footage Appears

This is more of a gaming relic than anything, but I find it interesting that a guy who goes out of his way to find cancelled games and hidden stashes of forgotten titles managed to come across a new clip of the dead version of Human Head Studios’ Prey 2. The video footage featured in the clip runs close to one minute in length.

The person behind the posting of this so-called “new footage” of an older game that is Prey 2, which happens to be cancelled, has emerged by Andrew Borman. The footage has nothing to do with his job, he just posted the clip up of Prey 2 since Human Head Studios’ sent it his way.

I’m assuming the reason behind Human Head sending Borman the footage can be linked to him being a digital games curator at the Museum of Play in Rochester, New York.

The information of Borman sharing cancelled footage of Prey 2 comes in via a pair of tweets as seen below:

“Seems like a good day to post a short video I was sent from @humanheadgames cancelled Prey 2. Still look forward to the day that I have more to share. #prototypes #prey2


Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with my job, just some neat footage that was sent my way. Didn’t expect it to take off like that :P”

The footage is said to be new and is ranked as a relic, hence its appearance on Borman’s Twitter account. You can watch the short clip below showing first-person action sequences, cover maneuvers, and other acts committed throughout the short clip.

If you want to see more of the game that was superseded by Bethesda’s Prey, you can watch a pseudo-like documentary by GVMERS, and a demo mash-up of gameplay footage by Nathan Cheever. Both videos can be seen below.

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