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9 March 2018

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

FatShark’s Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is currently available for Steam on PC. For gamers interested in how the new first-person co-op shooter works, there is a walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber GhostRobo has a few segments capturing the early parts of the game and how to make it through the new maps. You can check out the gameplay walkthrough for FatShark’s Warhammer; Vermintide 2 below.

Bridge of Shadows: Against The Grain

On the Bridge of Shadows map you start off at a caravan and make your way up the ramp on the left side of the path and head into the hay fields. Kill the first wave of the Skaven rats until you reach the Knopfelspiel Mill. You’ll have to kill a flamethrower guy before you get to the mill.

Make your way through the mill and roll the cart out of the way to take the pathway that leads through the a hillside. Don’t stop to fight the swarm, otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed – keep making your way toward Holzfrucht’s Orchard.

Find the barn key and you’ll be able to open the barn to unlock the Stormfiend boss.

Attack the rat baby on the Stormfiend’s back to take down his life quickly. Have two people kite him from the front while two more people attack him from behind on your way toward the

Stay around near the barn because if you keep going back you’ll draw some rats to your position.

Head through the barn after the Stormfiend is killed. Climb up to the top of the barn and then come out the other side. Your objective is to reach the farm.

Make your way up to the windmill and there are several health potions.


Head down off the windmill and into the village. Your objective is to free four prisoners inside the barn after freeing the prisoners from the cage.

Make your way through the barn and up into the next barn. There’s another group of four prisoners in the barn.

Once you free the prisoners head outside and sprint across the field to reach the exit portal to complete the mission.

Festering Ground

The next mission is the Festering Ground, set within the deep forests and tropical waterfalls near the Ghulmagak Site.

You’ll need to traverse through the bandit hideout.

The thing is, it’s very dark. Kill the hordes within the tight crevices and then run through the cave outside. Kill the rats and make your way back into the cave system through the Whispering Grotto.

This is basically a run-and-slash segment. Head outside onto the cliffs on the on the Burghauer Balcony.

Proceed down into the pits and there’s a huge horde of zombies.

Make your way across the bridge by crossing the river and kill the rat wizard.

From there you’ll need to make your way back into the cave system and then back outside through the Nurgle Trail across the Buckhorn Gorge.

Along the Nurgle Trail there’s a guard outpost. Up the bridge there’s a small cave area under the bridge with a tome that you can recover just before you reach Cripple Crick.

There’s another tome on the top of the ruins at Cripple Crick. Keep heading north toward the excavation site.

Run through the marsh – and don’t stop!

There are hordes who will chase you all the way to the excavation site. Hop down through the hole once you reach the rock structure.


There are three nurgle infections that you’ll need to destroy when you reach the tomb of Ghulmagak. You’ll need to destroy the carbuncle and sacks on the wall.

The last set that you’ll need to destroy are the seven malignant carbuncles deep inside the cave. The final carbuncle is up on the wooden structure.

Once you destroy all the carbuncles, head down and go through the cave tunnel where the rats are coming out. Proceed through the cave tunnel while it falls in around you to complete the Festering Ground.

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