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1525410cookie-checkBeyond Skyrim: Three Kingdoms Mod Team Is Seeking Development Volunteers

Beyond Skyrim: Three Kingdoms Mod Team Is Seeking Development Volunteers

The Beyond Skyrim team from Iliac Bay is currently working on a brand new entry for Bethesda’s Skyrim, this time they’re aimed at taking players to the world of the Three Kingdoms.

A new trailer was released for Beyond Skyrim: Three Kingdoms, announcing the project and revealing that the team is also currently looking to ramp up development. They’re currently in need of both 2D and 3D artists for designing assets, as well as scriptwriter, a couple of coders, and a few voice actors to help flesh it all out.

In particular they’re seeking to add experienced mod-makers to the project who have working knowledge of the Creation Kit and being able to streamline development for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mods.

You can see what they have so far with the announcement trailer below, which clocks in at just over four and a half minutes.

The trailer starts with a look at the regions outside of Skyrim, focusing on the regions themed around Iliac Bay.

The new locations are themed after various types historical periods, with some locations based on northern Europe architecture and designs. While places like Hammerfell are designed to mimic more Middle-Eastern designs and locations.

Hammerfell is located in a more arid location, where a desert biome is the main highlight of the region. There are some tropical and forested areas present as well, but a majority of the locations are based on the desert cultures of the region.

The Three Kingdoms project will be the first release of the Iliac Bay total conversion mod. It will bring the Briton kingdoms and the Hammerfell regions to the game first.

As mentioend in the video, all of the NPCs will be fully voiced, and there will be all new armor, weapons, magic, and items to acquire.

If you have some knowledge of game design, working on mods, or you’re an artist looking to add something worthwhile to your portfolio in an attempt to break into the big leagues, you can join the Iliac Bay: Tower of Dawn team by visiting the Discord channel.

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