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1521520cookie-checkBoss Key Productions Reveals Battle Royale Game Radical Heights

Boss Key Productions Reveals Battle Royale Game Radical Heights

Boss Key Productions isn’t giving up on LawBreakers, even though the company announced that it failed to capture a healthy player base. At the same time, though, the devs want to ship out a new battle royale game called Radical Heights on April 10th for PC via Steam.

It looks like Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions have another project ready to hit the games market with Radical Heights. April 10th will mark the date for the release of the company’s second game… a Battle Royale game.

Both the official description and gameplay video sit below:

“Welcome to RADICAL HEIGHTS, a free X-TREME Early Access BATTLE ROYALE shooter. Partake in high-stakes gunplay as you loot for weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and CASH! Survive to the end or risk it all in this irreverent action game show where everyone wants to be rich and famous!”

If you didn’t see it, the reveal trailer featuring gameplay footage displays that Radical Heights will be free to play. Something worth noting, the game will more than likely sport a live-service mechanic, it’s just unclear how intrusive or non-intrusive it will be as of right now.

As for other features in Radical Heights comes that of your regular battle royale stuff: kill other opponents, survive and loot.

The part where Radical Heights tries to differentiate itself from the ever growing battle royale genre of games is that funds play just as an important role as killing opponents. Contestants are said to vouch for weapons, prizes, and cash that can be banked.

In addition to the above, you can spend this cash on customization in your personal prize room or pull it from an ATM to buy weapons early in the next game.

To sum up the whole game, players are tasked to kill any counterpart in sight, loot money and items, and ride around on BMX bikes to speed things up to claim victory over others.

More information on this game can be found over on its Steam Early Access page.

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