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Minit Gameplay Walkthrough

The new game Minit from some of the developers of Vlambeer has been receiving some moderate attention, mostly from the usual suspects due to the fact that Vlambeer’s front man, Rami Ismail, is anti-#GamerGate and part of the anti-gamer Social Justice Warrior crew. Nevertheless, gamers who dolloped into a purchase of Minit for PC, PS4 or Xbox One, and now suffer from the regret of having picked up a copy but not enough to forfeit playing the game, there are some gameplay walkthroughs available.

YouTuber Achievement Land offers one of the quickest walkthroughs available, clocking in at just 22 minutes. It’s literally an under 25 minute run, which you can check out below.

So the hook for the game is that you only live for 60 seconds. Once your 60 seconds are up, you die. Your stuff carries over so you’re inclined to keep playing, exploring and advancing after every minute you die.

Start a normal game, and then exit the house and move down a screen and then to the left and in the next screen grab the sword by the lake.

Take the sword and kill the crabs after you move back toward the right screen. Continue further right and head up after using the sword to cut through the bushes in the upper right hand corner, and you’ll acquire the watering can.


Switch back to the sword by walking over to the sword. Head back up to the starting area and proceed to the left and then go up a screen.

Use the sword to kill the two crabs and then head back down into the general store and acquire some coffee.

After time runs out you’ll die and start back at the house. You can head back up to the screen above the general store where the crabs are located, and proceed to your right. Move the box out of the way and then proceed to acquire the lighthouse key.

Minit - Lighthouse Key

Head to the lighthouse by proceeding to the screen below the general store and then go left to the lighthouse and climb up the lighthouse and take the flashlight.

After you respawn, proceed north through the bushes using your sword.

Head down the steps into the dark cavern – if you want to get the achievement/trophy for not killing any snakes, you might want to avoid the snakes.

Head through the maze to the far right side of the screen and go up the stairs. Continue to your right into the next screen. It’s suggested to get the heart from the bull so that you’ll have three hearts instead of two, which will make it easier to fight the final boss.

Continue to the right until you reach the mobile home and go inside to save it. This will become your new home and your new respawn point after the 60 seconds are up.

Minit - Mobile Home Save Point

Travel south until you reach an ugly little dude. Give him the watering can before you die.

In your next run, from the mobile home, travel south once and then go to your right. Proceed right for a few frames and then head down and juggle between going left and right as you go south until you reach the oasis.

Fight the boss at the oasis and get the sword thrower.

Go left after you respawn and then go south through the shallow water area. Head left and then go down into the dungeon and get the gardening glove. Exit the small cave and then go south and use the gardening glove to break the stump. Head into the next screen and then go north to get into the main house to save your game.

Proceed north and break the tree column to get the boatwood.

Proceed to the lighthouse and give the boatwood to the little guy to fix the boat. In your next run you’ll be able to get in the boat and ride the boat to the island.

Minit - Basement Key

Once you reach the island, jump down the vine-looking tree thing and acquire the basement key.

Go into the house and save the game.

Go to the left and solve the light bulb puzzle so that all the bulbs are up.

Go back into the house and go into the basement. Get into the sub and proceed right until you reach a teleportation area. Keep moving to your right until you get to the far right side of the teleportation room. However, you’ll then have to proceed left until you get to the top teleportation room, and then go down, and it will take you to the far right side room. Walk right and then turn on the terminal.

Respawn and then push the crate into the water to fix the bridge and then walk south and solve the puzzle by activating the bulbs in the following order:
Second Bulb
Third Bulb
First Bulb
Fourth Bulb

Go back into the island house’s basement and use the teleporter to head back to your main house. Save the game.

Once you respawn you want to proceed north and then go to the left and then go north again.

Kill the enemies by throwing the sword and then grab the press pass. Don’t kill the snake and then go over and cut the stump, proceed north and then kill all the enemies. Once the enemies are dead a scuby dude will pop up. Talk to him.

Once you get done, quickly head to the right toward the hotel. Go inside and head upstairs to save your game.


You can also walk right to activate the teleporter in the hotel.

Exit the hotel and go right. Proceed to retrieve all of the guys so that they’ll go to the hotel. The first one is up north hiding behind some crates.

Proceed south and go into the dungeon and move to the right screen and then follow the track back toward the left; get rid of the two bombs and talk to the guy.

Follow the track, go up the tube and talk to the guy. Go north and fix the bridge by pressing the top lever. Go back down and talk to the dude and he’ll go to the hotel.

When you respawn you’ll need to exit the hotel and proceed north.

You’ll need to kill all the enemy NPCs that have weapons. Talk to the NPC who does not have a weapon and he’ll go back to the hotel.


Head to the left and push the little guy who lost his credit card into the bottom left corner of the leftist most rock formation, as indicated in the image above.

Proceed north and then push in the secret area wall, which is a little brick formation that you can push upward. You can go into the cemetery and grab the heart, which will give you four hearts.

You may run out of time, so after you respawn head north and then head north again and then proceed to the right and you’ll need to break the four trees to get the guy out of the tree.

Take the bone out of the cemetery and head into the hotel and use the teleporter to transport yourself back to your main house. Give the dog the bone to get your fifth heart.

Proceed to exit the hotel and go to the roof to get the flippers.

Head back down and go to the right and across the bridge and into the factory. You’ll need the press pas to get inside.

Proceed to the right of the factory and then head south down the steps. Proceed north and then destroy the power generator in the next room.

Head right and flip all the switches to save the NPC stuck on the conveyor belt.

When you respawn you’ll have to destroy the other side of the sword factory, to get to the other side you’ll need to travel right from the hotel and then go into the cave, and then head right, and then up, and you should encounter the sword machine.


Push all three of the crates into the conveyor to break the machine.

If you run out of time, head back into the sword factor, head downstairs and head to the machine located in the south quadrant. Stick your sword into the machine to break it and disable it.

You’ll need to respawn and get the watering can from the hotel. Use the mine/cave system to get back into the cave system and head right and then head further right and then proceed south and then head to the right and then up and then go left and you should be back in the main sword factory area.

Head down the stairs and go south and put out the fire with the watering can and you can acquire the mega sword.

Proceed north and destroy the last piece of the machine.

The machine will break.

The objective is to break the swords all around and then use the crates to block the shooting swords.

In the second phase you’ll have to destroy the swords that shoot. Only the swords that shoot can take damage.


Once you defeat the boss you’ll need to proceed north and then go to the right, and complete the game by escaping through the toilet.

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