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1527030cookie-checkStrange Brigade Set To Release August 28th For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Strange Brigade Set To Release August 28th For PS4, Xbox One, PC

The 1930s-themed cooperative third-person shooter, Strange Brigade, is set to release on August 28th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game was announced some time ago and since then we’ve seen some demo footage of the levels and the characters, but it disappeared off the radar up until now.

The game sees four Diverse™ characters traveling to Egypt, where they’re in search of rare treasures. The four heroes will battle through different levels filled with traps, zombies, mummies and bosses.

In order to get out of the Egyptian pyramids alive, the quartet gun-toters find themselves in a quandary of predicaments setup by the Witch Queen Seteki. Hence, players will have to solve puzzles, work together, and defeat the witch to make it out alive. You can check out the newest gameplay trailer below.

The actual gameplay is setup very similar to the Call of Duty Zombies maps. You’ll start in an area and then have to perform certain tasks to unlock the next area in the map. Along the way you’ll have to dodge the traps, fight off hordes of enemies, and watch each other’s backs along the way.

The levels are actually fairly lengthy, almost like much larger versions of the challenge maps in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

Rebellion also decided to take a page out of Overkill Software’s playbook by allowing players to unlock new skills and weapons as they progress through the game.

Additionally, Rebellion announced that pre-orders have opened for the game, and that all pre-orders will include a free Secret Service Weapons Pack, which comes with the Wilkers & White P19 pistol, a Gehrig-Delgane S1 rifle, and a Stoudenmire 960 sub-machine gun. Additionally, the deluxe edition comes with the season pass, which will grant you access to all future DLC at no extra charge.

You can look for the game to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One during the tail end of the summer, or learn more by visiting the official Strange Brigade website.

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