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1541840cookie-checkAPB: Reloaded Dev Acquired By Little Orbit, New Weapon, Map, Clothing Updates Inbound

APB: Reloaded Dev Acquired By Little Orbit, New Weapon, Map, Clothing Updates Inbound and Reloaded Productions have been acquired by mid-tier publisher Little Orbit. With the acquisition of GamersFirst also came APB: Reloaded bundled into the pack.

According to, Little Orbit will be overhauling the game now that they’ve managed to get their mitts on it, upgrading a number of different gameplay elements, including tossing in more vehicles, more weapons, more maps, and more play modes. Additionally, they have plans on overhauling the matchmaking systems in APB: Reloaded, but didn’t detail how.

The one thing I’m most curious in is if they’ll bring back the Chaos Mode or implement a Battle Royale mode? I mean, of all games that should have a Battle Royale mode, one would think that APB: Reloaded would be that game, but that hasn’t been the case. I can easily imagine it shooting straight up the charts, given that custom vehicles, customized weapons, and custom characters would likely be a huge hit with gamers.

I’m not entirely sure how much of the changes will be implemented or over what course of time. Little Orbit’s publishing record doesn’t necessarily instill the most ardent of confidence in the future of their endeavors given that the only notable titles to their name is Descent: Underground, Kung Fu Panda and a couple of Adventure Time games.


There’s also the highly suspect Unsung Story, which turned out to be a huge controversial title after it was Kickstarted back in 2014, and the entire thing went undelivered for years just until it was announced that the game is now scheduled to release in 2019. I mean, if they still haven’t released Unsung Story, what hope is there for overhauling APB: Reloaded in a timely manner?

Anyway, you’ll still be able to play APB: Reloaded on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Updates and upgrades will follow in tow behind the recent acquisition of GamersFirst.

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