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For The King Cheats Enable God Mode, Infinite Action Points

IronOak Games and Curve Digital’s turn-based strategy game, For The King, came out during the spring for Steam on PC. The game has picked up a rather sizable audience since launching in April, and if you want to diddle around in the game by using some cheats and trainers, you can do so right now.

The cheat trainer is available right now for download from over on the page.

The For The King cheats from the trainer are listed below:

+500 Lores

+1 Life Pool

-1 Chaos Level

+1 Chaos Level

-1 Life Pool

Most of the cheats are fairly self explanatory. The ability to utilize infinite action points will allow you to very easily take advantage of the combat where you can keep on attacking and moving. Everything else will allow you to add or remove certain properties to help or hinder you along the way.

For The King - The Kraken

If you want access to other cheats for For The King but you aren’t inclined to pony up any kind of cash or registration requirements, you can grab a second trainer, which is available for free from over on the Mr. Antifun website.

The cheat trainer from Mr. Antifun contains the following cheats:

Infinite Health

Infinite Movement

Infinite Focus Points

Infinite Gold

The game does feature both local and online multiplayer, so keep that in mind if you plan on hocking your character up on the equivalent of digital steroids via cheats.

For The King is a pretty cool looking game in its own right, so if you haven’t actually checked it out or haven’t had time to play it, it’s well worth it if you enjoy colorful and vibrant turn-based strategy games with a strong sense of exploration and adventure.

You can grab a digital copy of the game right now from over on Steam store for just $19.99.