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Green Hell Takes Survival Simulation To The Next Logical Level

Polish game developers, Creepy Jar Games, recently announced that there’s a new survival game set in the sweltering thicket of the Amazon rainforest called Green Hell.

Instead of announcing the game with a 20 second teaser trailer composed of 15 seconds worth of logos and splash screens, Creepy Jar did something completely different by releasing nearly 20 minutes worth of gameplay footage to give gamers an idea of what they’re working on.

You can check out the gameplay video below.

You’ll have to stay hydrated, well fed, and active.

A smartwatch will allow you to check your stats on the fly. Like most other survival games you can pick up objects and lying around on the ground, and you’ll need to perform first-aid regularly in order to heal wounds and clean infections.

The inventory menu is streamlined so that instead of looking like a clunky mutant menu from Arma, the GUI is presented with actual imagery of backpacks and the items in your backpack.

The game also has a rather interesting healing mechanic, where you’ll need to gather up maggots to have them to clean infected wounds before you can treat the wound.

Green Hell - Maggots

Crafting is done in a crude but visual manner. You’ll open up your inventory and place objects on the crafting slab. If the items you combine can make an item, it will become highlighted on the screen.

Once you fashion yourself a weapon you’ll be able to hunt animals. Hunting animals will also open up the ability to strip them of their meat so you can eat it, and peel out their bones so you can use them for a number of other crafting purposes.

If you don’t feel like running around stabbing animals in their face, you can actually use traps to ensnare them, kill them, and then skin them.

According to the developers, you’ll need different traps for different types of animals.

You’ll need to cook your meat before eating it, otherwise you might get sick. And speaking of getting sick, if you drink unclean water you can end up vomiting or worse, so always clean the water before you

The game requires you to go through a painstaking process to create fire, but also allows you to do things like throw rocks at fruit in trees to knock them to the ground and eat them.

Essentially the game is like a lot of other survival sims out there, but it takes it to the next logical level by adding more survival variations, items, dangers, and challenges to account for.

I don’t know how well most players will take to the whole microcosmic micromanagement aspects of Green Hell, but I’m sure some diehard gamers who don’t mind the masochistic grind will find it entertaining.

The end of the video reveals that player’s aren’t alone on the island, and some dark-skinned natives will prove to be the real enemies you’ll have to face off against as you attempt to survive in the Amazon.

You can keep track of the development of Green Hell by visiting the official website.

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