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1542100cookie-checkPrescription For Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Features Metal Gear Solid Composer

Prescription For Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Features Metal Gear Solid Composer

Scarlet Moon Productions announced that the upcoming album Prescription For Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Vol 1: Remastered is currently available for pre-order right now on iTunes App Store and Bandcamp. The album features music from a number of different games and artists, including Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta composer, Norihiko Hibino, playing the sax, and Etrian Odyssey and PersonaQ musical artist AYAKI operating the piano.

The Game Music Lullabies is themed around relaxation and helping put you in the mood for sleep, and combines six previously released albums into one. It features remixes of classic video game music done in the form of lullabies, including the “Dire, Dire Docks” from Super Mario 64, the “Song of the Ancients” from NieR, and “Auriel’s Ascension” from The Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion. You can check out the full playlist for the album below.

Obviously, you probably want to listen to a few of the tracks before you get geeked out for it, and thankfully there’s a preview available on the Bandcamp page, which you can listen to below.

In addition to re-releasing some of the tracks from previous albums, there’s also the addition of some new songs added to the album as well, as explained by producer Jayson Napolitano…

“We found that listeners have been creating their own playlists with all six albums in the series and that the original volume could benefit from some remastering as such. We also wanted to treat fans to both a new arrangement and an original track–which we’ve been told are the highlights of many of our albums–to celebrate four years of the series.”

While the songs are easily recognizable for those of you who have played the games, it’s also nice to hear a completely different take on them, with a more slowed down, mellowed out, and down-tempo approach to these video game tunes.

You’ll be able to purchase the full album upon release starting May 18th for $10. Pre-orders are currently available over on the Bandcamp page.

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