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1543280cookie-checkThunderCats Roar Is Absolutely Hated By Fans For Attempting To Appease Tumblr Culture

ThunderCats Roar Is Absolutely Hated By Fans For Attempting To Appease Tumblr Culture

The official announcement for ThunderCats Roar was made, which is an upcoming cartoon set to appear on the Cartoon Network. It’s unlike the 2011 reboot of ThunderCats, which had great animations and strong character designs. Instead, the producers decided to aim for a more Tumblr-style design approach equivalent to the SJW-friendly Steven Universe, and fans absolutely hate it.

The official announcement trailer was posted up over on moviemaniacsDE and it’s downvoted into oblivion. You can check out the trailer below.

The video ended up receiving more than 10,000 downvotes, and fans aren’t happy about the direction that the show is taking.



One of the dead giveaway to the show being themed around the Tumblr/SJW crowd is that once most fans saw the producer, Victor Courtright, they instantly knew what sort of direction that the studio was gunning for.

Courtright states that the show is themed around comedy and screwball antics, but he also says they want to focus on action as well, which many people find hard to take seriously given that the design of the characters looks like Gumball and Steven Universe.


Most fans do not like what Courtright and the crew have done to the series, and many see it as sacrilege, especially given that Courtright claimed to love the show growing up but decided to put one of the most despised and disliked Western spins on the series.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what the ratings look like for the show because all across the net fans are making their voices heard that they absolutely abhor the Tumblr-tier art-direction and the Steven Universe style animations.

It looks as if Millennials taking over the media most people grew up with and loved and turning it into aspects that represent the worst of internet culture is all part of the continued devolution of entertainment in Western society.

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