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The Final Path for Ghost of Tsushima – Will It Be The Last?

Ghost of Tsushima is definitely a well-known game. Since its first release two years ago, the game has received a positive response from many players, even if it will get its own movie soon! 

The Final Path for Ghost of Tsushima

Right after the two years of release since July 2020 and the Director’s Cut version in 2021, Sucker Punch Production released the Patch 2.18 for both Ghosts of Tsushima Legends and the Director’s Cut. The Sucker Punch Production’s Twitter said that the patch is to fix the bug that prevented some players from earning the Hidden Hearts, ad the Save Import button to the Ps4’s Legend standalone builds, and some items adjustments, and more. 

Twitter’s announcement:

With all the details mentioned on PlayStation’s website, sad news emerged at the bottom of all the patch lists. Like a hero who can’t escape death after defeating the demon lord and finally sending news to his comrade about the final verdict of his journey. 

The detail about the final patch can be seen on the PlayStation’s Patch Note Here.

Sucker Punch Production Said that they aren’t actively working on any additional patches at the moment but will continue to monitor feedback.  They even said “THANK YOU” in a big capitalized word to show gratitude for the community and players who support and play the game. 

Definitely, it made me sad. Can’t press F anymore since the button is broken down as I pressed it so many times already. 

The Ghost of Tsushima

The Ghost of Tsushima is an Action-Adventure game released by Sucker Punch Production in July 2020 for PlayStation 4. Since the game is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game can be considered an exclusive PlayStation Game alongside the Uncharted Series and Ratched & Clank. 

The Game story focused on a protagonist named Jin Sakai, a Samurai warrior and the head of the Sakai clan, although he is the only one who remains alive. Taking the time on the invasion of Mongol to Tsushima Island in 1274. Jin realized he cannot defeat the Mongol fleet, took a journey to recruit more allies, and learned new tactics to fight and take back Tsushima – his beloved home. 

As similar as the Assassin’s Creed Franchise, the Ghost of Tsushima follows the history as the basic but added an element of fiction to make it more interesting. That being said, it’s true that the Mongol fleet began the invasion of the Tsushima island – that is the true story here, but the rest is fiction including Jin Sakai and the rest of the characters. Regardless, the game is fun to play

Ghost of Tsushima – The Director’s Cut

A year after the first release of Ghost of Tsushima, sucker Punch Production then released the next version of the game, named Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. 

Features the old game that is released for PlayStation4 with a bit of update for the next-gen PlayStation5 console, with a new additional content to make the gaming experience more fun than before, even though the first game is totally fun already. 

The Director Cut new content including so many new additions including Jin’s new skin, a new co-op multiplayer legends mode, Digital Mini Artbook, and Director’s Commentary. But what’s more important is the new island called Iki island, which also means a new journey.

The New Movie for the Future

With the success of the new game, there has been news that the Ghost of Tsushima movie adaptation is in development and it has been confirmed on Sucker Punch Production’s Twitter as well. According to their Twitter, the Screenplay will be written by Takahashi Doscher who is famous for his feature film Only. John Wick’s director Chad Stahelski also pointed to help direct the movie. 

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