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Dead Cells Set To Gain Mod Support Sometime Soon

It looks like we might see a wide variety of content headed Dead Cells way directly from the community soon, which could include work from you, too. Publisher and developer Motion Twin, over the hit 2D rogue-like game, plan to support the ability to mod sometime this month. As of now, Dead Cells is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and GOG.

According to Motion Twin, the devs made an announcement published on the game’s official Steam news feed, and on that discusses how mod support could arrive soon:

“Finally, we’re also working on something which has been in our minds for a long time… Something that’s been quite difficult to pull off due to the way we built the game since the beginning: allowing the community to mod Dead Cells.


Internally we have a limited, basic mod support working. However, currently even very minor updates break compatibility instantly, which is kind of a deal breaker. Once we’ve fixed that, we will release the tools into the wild along with some basic documentation. Hopefully, as early as this month. So, if you’re interested in modding Dead Cells, please stick around, we will need your feedback to get this right!”

Moreover, the game that features randomly generated levels is currently in Early Access on Steam, but while it’s in this phase, the devs have plans to launch it in August of this year. Additionally, the team hopes that mod tools will be out before August and possibly before June is over.

Personally, I think involving the community in this way regarding Dead Cells will not only create a longer lifespan but will also form new avenues that the devs could learn from and implement in future titles. Anyway, if you want to learn more about this move or game by Motion Twin, you can hit up

If you happen to game on PC, the title in question is currently available via Early Access on the Steam store and over on

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