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1549440cookie-checkDlala Studios Is Developing Battletoads 2019 And Is Looking For Talent

Dlala Studios Is Developing Battletoads 2019 And Is Looking For Talent

The three bad anthropomorphic toads named after skin conditions (Rash, Zitz, and Pimple) who happen to be the same ones who teamed up with the Double Dragons (Billy and Jimmy), and were Rare’s response to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, comes a new Battletoads game set for 2019. As of now, Dlala Studios is working on Rare’s famous fighting toads and they’re looking for talent.

Although we haven’t seen any gameplay footage of Battletoads 2019, nor did we get to see anything of the game cinematics or in-engine content, all we got to see back during E3 2018 was a splash announcing the moniker. However, we do know that Dlala Studios is developing Battletoads 2019.

We know this thanks to Aj Grand-Scrutton, CEO of Dlala Studios, who took to a blog post on explaining that he and crew cannot wait to show gamers “Zitz, Rash, and Pimple in action.”

Before the team can show us the 2019 edition of the famous toads, the devs need some people and talent to help out.

The above link featured in the tweet directs curious folks to the Dlala Studios’ career page. On the page shows open positions for a Game Producer, two Game Programmers, and a Game Designer.

Speaking of talent and next year’s Battletoads, the CEO posted up something to hold on to, and that is the following information:

“I promise each and every one of you reading that we will give our all to this project and make it something that we can all be proud of.


For those of you interested we have some positions open to join the existing Battletoads team HERE.”

If you don’t trust Dlala Studios or seek to know more about them, the small team happens to be behind games like Overruled!, Janksy, and a game in pre-production Nothing to Fear. You can learn more about these games by visiting

Now that you have an idea what Dlala Studios is about, do you think Battletoads 2019 will be a game to remember or no? While you ponder on that question, you can look over the E3 2018 announcement trailer right here:

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