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1548310cookie-checkE3 2018: Dusk, Retro-Inspired Shooter Coming To Nintendo Switch

E3 2018: Dusk, Retro-Inspired Shooter Coming To Nintendo Switch

New Blood Interactive’s Dusk released on PC a while ago, promising hardcore, fast-paced, first-person action. The game features non-stop shooting frills and thrills, not too dissimilar to 3D shooters from back in the 1990s like Blood and Redneck Rampage. The developers recently announced that Dusk will be coming soon to the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement was teased ever-so-briefly during this year’s E3 2018 event, where a 22 second trailer showcases the Nintendo Switch on a table and then we get a brief look at the in-game play that features the main character getting clobbered by enemies and then they die and then the title screen pops up. You can check it out below in the trailer courtesy of Dante Nintendo Switch World.

Sadly that really doesn’t tell us how well the game will actually run on the Switch.

The game is currently available on Steam for $20.00, featuring two campaigns, an endless survival mode, and online PvP via the DuskWorld Arena multiplayer mode.

The full version of Dusk will feature three full campaigns, along with additional Steam achievements, leaderboards, and trading cards.

The team also has plans to release the DAWN SDK so that modders will be able to create their own content for Dusk, along with Steam Workshop support and co-op capabilities.

There’s no release date on when the game will arrive on the Nintendo Switch, but even when it does sadly it’ll be a poor imitation of the PC version since it won’t have the mod support or the ability to make use of the Steam Workshop mods. Then again maybe if some Nintendonites beg enough on the forums they might be able to include some sort of mode to make light use of mods? Although given that it’s a Nintendo console I tend to doubt that’ll come to fruition.

You can learn more about Dusk by visiting the game’s Steam store page.

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