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E3 2018: Sakuna Of Rice And Ruin Heads West This Winter

Edelweiss’ farming, platforming, 3D RPG, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, managed to grab a tiny slice of the E3 corner and we were able to see more about the gameplay and the story for the upcoming game set to arrive on PC and PS4.

German site JP Games published an article covering the game’s latest trailer, which details how Sakuna is actually a goddess from a beautiful land, but she was exiled to Hinoe Island, which has become overrun with demons.

We see the game’s platforming mechanics in play, along with the side-scrolling hack-and-slash combat. Players will shuffle between exploring the game’s island and fighting monsters to collect supplies, ingredients and items to build up your farm, as well as clearing out the demons invading the land.

You can check out the trailer below.

The near three minute trailer starts with the story aspects, platforming and combat, but the second half of the trailer focuses on the farming aspects.

We see that players will first have to till the land to get it ready, and then acquire and plant seeds in the ground. Once the harvest is sowed and grows to your liking, you can then reap it. They also show the polishing the white, as well as monitor the quality of the crops and rice.

There’s an interesting mechanic where you can manually check the quality of each crop. I’m not sure what you’ll do if the crops aren’t quite up to par, but you can definitely check.

The rest of the trailer showcases some of the boss fights, as well as the ability to unlock new clothing items for customization purposes, and a few of the locations you can visit on the world map.

XSeed Games will be handling the Western release of the game, while Marvelous will be publishing it elsewhere. You can expect to see Sakuna of Rice and Ruin to launch on the PS4 and PC this winter.

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