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18 June 2018

Jurassic World Evolution Gameplay Walkthrough

Frontier Developments’ Jurassic World Evolution is currently out and about for the Xbox One, PC and PS4. The game allows you to develop your own park based on the Jurassic Park (and now Jurassic World) franchise. This means that you can have T-Rex, velociraptors and brontosaurus roaming around, being peaceful and friendly or being rambunctious and deadly. For those of you looking for a quick guide to help you iron out your park and how to get things up working right proper, you can check out the walkthrough guide.

YouTuber EnterElysium published a new series of videos to offer gamers a helping hand in getting your park working in proper order. You can check out the first video below.

At the main menu you have the option to start a new game or modify the settings.

You start on the Isla Mantanceros off the cost of Costa Rica. Jeff Goldbloom will work as the narrator, reprising his role as Dr. Ian Malcom.

You’ll start your park with nothing but $3.1 million and a brief tutorial from Cabot Finch.

Click on the Enclosures icon from the build menu on the left hand side of the screen and then click on the Hammond Creations Lab and attach it to the fence on the greenery.

Next, click the path mode and connect the path from the main institution to the Hammond Creations Lab.

You’ll need to incubate dinosaurs – specifically a Struthiomimus – by going into the hatchery and click on the Struthiomimus and click on Incubate for $30,000.

Once you gain more money and research points, you’ll be able to incubate and create more dinosaurs.

If you want, you can also modify the genome of the dinosaurs as well. You can mix and match genomes by scrolling up and down on the genome gene, which will change the stats and ratings of the dinosaur.

Jurassic World Evolution - Genome Process

Sometimes you can get higher rated dinosaurs at the expense of the incubation process failing, or losing some of the attributes of the dinosaurs, so it’s a risk reward feature.

Once the genome process is complete and the dinosaur is properly incubated, you can then release the dinosaur into the wild.

You’ll also have three other categories you’ll need to establish in your base. You’ll need to build up your science, entertainment and security divisions, which are all filled with diversity hires.

Click on the tabs to receive a quest from those divisions to start. You may want to start with science, which will require you to build a Expedition Centre.

As you complete these quests you’ll receive new quests and money rewards.

The Expedition Centre will allow you to send out dig teams and expedition teams. This requires acquiring fossil DNA so you can create new dinosaurs from the lab.

Jurassic World Evolution - Expedition Map

Once you acquire the fossil data you’ll need to extract the DNA from the fossils.

It’ll require money to extract the DNA from the fossils and then you’ll be able to start incubating new dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Evolution - Fossil Extraction

Once you incubate the dinosaur you’ll then be able to hatch the dinosaur whose data you extracted from the fossil.

You’ll also be able to go into the research menu and research new facilities. Another thing you’ll likely want to do is upgrade your incubation hatcheries so that you can incubate more dinosaurs at once and release them into the wild.

Remember that the more dinosaurs you can hatch at a time, the more likely they are to become an attraction for your guests.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade your buildings when you find yourself running thin on resources or space

Jurassic World Evolution - Research

As you begin to flesh out your dinosaur park, you’ll need to keep them fed. For the herbivores you’ll need to implement the feeders. You can construct the Ground Herbivore Feeder for $150,000 to place it down. You’ll also need to research hookworm parasites to avoid your dinosaurs getting sick.

Your next task will be to construct a Ranger Station, which will be required for observational purposes.

You’ll also want to start gathering fossil DNA of other dinosaurs using your expedition team. The one quest to increase the triceratops genome will require more fossil data, which you may not be able to acquire until later on.

However, you may want to take on some contracts to increase your cash flow. So if you take on an entertainment contract it will require you to build an ACU Centre and a second Power Station.
Open the building menu and go into the Operations menu and then click on the ACU Centre which is just a few spots from the top.

In the Entertainment section there’s another contract where you’ll just need to take a picture of a dinosaur eating from the feeder.

Jurassic World Evolution - Take A Picture

Simply click on the Ranger Station, select a vehicle from your list and then drive it into the safari and then press ‘F’ on the keyboard to take a picture of a dinosaur eating from the feeder to collect the reward.

You’ll need to continue to take on contracts if you want to add some cash to your purse. Additionally, if you just need some extra cash you can always go out in the jeep across the safari and take a photo of the dinosaurs for a couple of thousand dollars.

You will receive a penalty for taking pictures of the same dinosaurs multiple times.

There’s also a security mission worth $1 million to extract DNA from a ceratosaurus fossil and release it into the park, but it’s an extremely expensive process as well.

You’ll need to acquire about 50% genome, so it may require multiple expeditions.

Keep in mind that security missions are a little more risky than science missions.

One way to keep your research going strong is to keep fossils coming in and being extracted at your research center. Additional fossils will raise the genome raitings and allow you to incubate higher quality dinosaurs.

Another quick way to make fast cash is to install a Viewing Gallery. It will bring in quite a few guests and will raise your revenue considerably.

When you finally increase your raiting high enough and have spare cash, your next task will be to build an Emergency Shelter for when it’s time to help guests who may come under attack or when heavy storms pelt the island.

After you receive enough money you’ll want to invest in an electrified pen. Why? For the carnivores.

You can’t have carnivores sharing a pen with herbivores.

Once the electrified pen is created, and a pathway to the pen is made, and stable security doors are provided for it, you’ll be able to put a carnivore inside. Make sure you also have a carnivore feeder present as well to keep the carnivore fed.

Now keep in mind that if you don’t have a research center established at the carnivore pen, you’ll need a jeep or a helicopter on standby to tranquilize the dinosaur if you release it into a herbivore pen. You can also pilot the helicopter yourself and use the third-person shooter to tranq the dinosaur. When it’s unconscious have a transport lift come in and move the carnivore to its own separate pen.

Simply click on the unconscious dinosaur and select to transport it and then select the location where you want to drop it off.

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