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Metal Max Xeno, Post-Apoc Tank JRPG Heads To PS4 September 25th

NIS America announced that the post-apocalyptic, role-playing tank game, Metal Max Xeno, will launch for the PlayStation 4 starting September 25th, 2018 later this year. The game is a continuation of the Metal Max series, which originally debuted in Japan back in 1991.

The series features exploration through a post-apocalyptic Earth that has been ravaged by killer AI-powered robots. While most of humanity has sunk away in bunkers and other shelters to avoid facing immediate extermination, some brave heroes have decided to stand up and fight back.

Players will take on the role of Talis, who is tired of running and hiding. He decides to fight back by equipping a flaming red tank with some heavy artillery and go out in search of destroying the oppressors of humanity.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below, which introduces players to Talis and the rest of the team who will help him along in his adventure.

The game utilizes turn-based combat, as players will seek out and destroy humanity’s greatest threats.

Players will attempt to help Talis bring down the mother computer known as NOA. In the outdoor segments you’ll control the tank, battling against other tanks, robots, and mechs, while exploring indoor areas will require you to disembark from the tank and journey around on foot with your party members… and oh boy, you get some really hot party members.

I imagine Talis will have plenty of motivation from the chick in the purple lingerie with the massive rack? I’m sure any young lad would be willing to save the world for a taste of that.

Then again, the Metal Max series has never been shy about throwing in plenty of eye-catching fan service. Remember this little gem?

Metal Max Fireworks - Karin

If that doesn’t get you motivated to save the world, I don’t know what will.

You’ll be able to load up in the tank and attempt to traverse the post-apocalyptic ruins of Asia’s remains on the PS4 starting September 25th later this year. You can learn more about Kadokawa and 24 Frame’s title by visiting the official Metal Max website.

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