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28 June 2018
1.26 min read

Milanoir Cheats Enable God Mode, Fast Movements, No Reload

Italo Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment’s Milanoir is a throwback action game to celebrate the old grindhouse-style action crime films from 1970s Italy. The game has managed to get off to a decent start over on Steam, and for the Nintendo Switch and PS4. For those of you who wanted to cheat your way through the game, there is a cheat trainer available.

The cheat trainer is available both for free and as a premium version over at

The trainer for Milanoir contains the following cheats:

Infinite Ammo + No Reload

Movement Speed: Normal

Movement Speed: Fast

Movement Speed: Very Fast

Car Chases: No Reload

The ability to skip out on reloads helps with the shootouts and car chases, especially when the bullet count begins to dwindle down and it messes up your mojo.

The god mode helps during the fight sequences and shootouts when you’re on foot, and you need to blast the crap out of bad guys.

The gameplay for Milanoir could best be summed up as Hotline Miami meets Retro City Rampage, with a nice dosage of 1970s style grindhouse.

The game is set around Piero, who has been wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit. After getting out of prison and creating a wave of violence in his wake, Piero attempts to track down the man who framed him and blast down any and everyone in his way in order to exact revenge.

Milanoir sports a single-player campaign mode, a co-op mode, along with an arena mode where you can fight through a series of enemies and attempt to last as long as you can.

You can pick up a digital copy of Milanoir right now for PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC via the Steam store for $12.99.