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The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Walkthrough And Choices

Dontnod Entertainment released The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The free game is available to download right now and it features multiple choices and options featured within The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit that will carry over into the release of Life is Strange 2. For gamers curious about the choices and options available in the episode, there are some walkthroughs available.

YouTuber ChristopherOdd has a two part video series for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, which you can check out below.

The episode starts with the protagonist, Chris, a young boy living with his dad in a shack.

After Chris plays with his toys he begins drawing his Captain Spirit costume, allowing you to choose from a mask or helmet as well as light armor or heavy armor. You can also choose whether to make him dark or colorful.

After the drawing is finished the game’s title screen will pop up and you’ll finally be ableto control Captain Autismo.

The game has an over the shoulder camera and you can move Chris around to examine objects in his room. There’s somewhat of a free-play element to the game given that your actions and decisions will determine how the story unfolds.

In some sequences you’ll be able to utilize Chris’ powers by holding down the left trigger on the Xbox One controller or the PS4’s DualShock when the little power icon is displayed on the screen.

You can examine the drawings and toys, and you can also play with Noctarious and Power Bear. You can ask Noctarious to join the team or ask him why he joined Mantroid. During the fight you can have Power Bear to say “I’m sorry” or to “shut up”.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - Power Bear

At the end of the fight you can either destroy Noctarious or release him.

The game game has a limited amount of time for when you do things, and Chris’ dad will ask Chris to come to breakfast. If you don’t come when he asks you he will get angry at Chris and curse at him.

During the breakfast conversation you can call out Chris’ dad for not making eggs like his mom, you can also call out Chris’ dad for drinking, and you can choose to either tell him about the bruise on the arm hurting or saying it’s fine.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - Charles

You can also go on about your day or meddle about in the kitchen, including adding ice cream to the grocery list, throwing out the takeout food, throwing away the beer cans, and attempting to clean the dishes.

Take note if you attempt to use your super powers on the dishes Chris will mistakenly break the glass cup and it will make Charles, Chris’ dad, angry.

You can also make the Mac ‘n Cheese by microwaving it. If you do so it will actually raise your affinity with Charles.

It’s also possible to add a log to the fireplace, and you’ll also find Charles’ car keys at the corner of the couch.

If you stay in the living room for too long the phone will ring.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - Mission Objectives

You can use the mission list to find the stuff you can accomplish within The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. If you want to finish making the Captain Spirit costume you’ll find the face paint in the bathroom within the vanity cabinet. Another piece of the costume is located outside in the back of the truck made of old beer boxes. The final piece of the Captain Spirit costume will be located in the garage where you can take the spray paint to finish the costume and complete the mission.

You can also go into Charles’ bedroom and listen to some of Chris’ mom’s old records. You can also push the chair up to the closet and read Charles’ letters regarding the death of his wife.

You’ll also find a secret key located within the lampshade on the nightstand. Use the key to open the wardrobe and you can read some of the letters inside, which reveals that Charles is dating some lady named Audra.

You can also snag the dirty pants from the floor to wash them. Take them into the washroom after you turn on the washroom lights and place the pants in the washing machine. There’s also a note inside the washing machine with Audra’s number on it.

A lot of gamers were also curious about the cell phone pin code. YouTuber <GamerrZombie has a video showing you how to access the code.

The pincode for Charles’ cellphone is: 42983294

After you use the pin code to access the cellphone you’ll be able to play the Hotdog Man game on the mobile phone.

After you wash the clothes you can go through the door into a dark room with the Water Eater.

The Water Eater will only look at you when you move. You’ll need to walk close to the Water Eater and tame it. Once you do so this will complete the Water Eater task.

You can head outside after putting on your jacket. There’s also the option to clean up the snow off the porch.

While outside you can enter into the junk maze but you’ll need to collect the map pieces to finish it.

If you took the garage key from off the wall in the kitchen, you can enter into the garage through the side door.

You’ll learn more about Chris’ parents and how they met with some of the old memorabilia in the garage.

Just outside you’ll find the Snowmancer. Repair the Snowmancer.

Some gamers also had trouble with finishing the Snowmancer quest.

In order to destroy the Snowmancer in battle you’ll need to go into the garage and there’s a lock on a locker. You’ll need input the following code to unlock the locker: 2005

Inside the locker you’ll find some additional letters, along with a newspaper clipping of the hit and run that killed Chris’ mom.

On the top shelf you’ll find a firecracker, which you can use to place inside of the Snowmancer.

Go back outside and select the firecracker from the inventory using the left or right digital pad and then place the firecracker into the Snowmancer’s head.

Destroying half his face will complete the mission.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - Snowmancer

Another mission you can complete is doing targeting practice with the beer cans. Simply take out the recycle bin outside and setup the beer cans on the banister. You can use the snowballs to target the beer cans to complete the mission.

Additionally, once you complete Chris’ Captain Spirit costume, you can get inside the truck and hunt down Mantdroid.

When you go up into the treehouse and open up the secret stash, there’s a map decoder inside the stash. Take it out and head back inside the house and there’s a secret map on the wall inside Chris’ room. Use the decoder and align it like in the image below to decipher the map for the junk maze.


The map will reveal the route through the junk maze, which is: Left, right, left, left.

The map will lead to Chris’ secret stash, which features images of Chris’ mom.

Once you get done waxing Chris’ autism you can then wake up Charles who will go on a drunken rant at Chris. Claire will come by and you can either lie to help Charles or rat him out.

When Claire leaves, Charles continues his rant against Chris blaming him for his mother’s death. When Chris runs outside he climbs up his treehouse but the plank breaks and while falling Chris uses some kind of power to stop himself from hitting the ground, and that’s where the game ends.

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