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1547500cookie-checkThe Division 2 Map Is 20% Bigger, Won’t Make The Same Mistakes As Destiny 2

The Division 2 Map Is 20% Bigger, Won’t Make The Same Mistakes As Destiny 2

Ubisoft is approaching the development of The Division 2 slightly different from the first game. For one thing they’re already designing the game for support beyond endgame, this includes three new specializations for every character who levels past level 30, as well as multiplayer events for those who reach and exceed beyond level 30.

During the livestream Day 1 coverage of E3 from Gamespot, the hosts managed to talk to one of the developers at Ubisoft working on The Division 2, and I have to say that they were actually bold enough to ask about The Division 2 in contrast to a game like Destiny 2. Specifically they pointed out how Destiny 2 made many of the same mistakes that Destiny 1 suffered from, and that Bungie put themselves in a rut.

They asked if Ubisoft would be learning from and expanding on what was fixed and optimized in The Division for The Division 2? According to Ubisoft, they will be carrying over all of the updates, upgrades and advancements they made from the first Division for the upcoming sequel, hoping to avoid making the same mistakes that Bungie did with Destiny 2.

As pointed out in the overview coverage of what was discussed and talked about during the stage segment, Ubisoft will also be ramping up the difficulty of endgame content to keep players coming back for more.

The endgame content will span across all six biomes in the Washington D.C., area. In addition to this the entire map is 20% larger this time around compared to the Manhattan map. This will include above ground areas as well as underground and sub-level maps as well. Once you beat the main campaign and reach level 30, you’ll have three specialization classes to focus on and each class will have its own signature weapons and gadgets.

Additionally, eight-player raids will be present in the game as well, which will give guilds a lot more mileage out of The Division 2 compared to the first game. We did not see footage of the raids, yet, but they are in the game.

Last but not least is that the Dark Zone will be coming back as well. It was easily the most compelling part about the first Division given that it was a free-for-all zone that played out similar to games like DayZ or Rust. However, it the Dark Zone was basically just a small area of the map for free-for-all PvP. Ubisoft, however, was unwilling to comment about the Dark Zone during any of the E3 interviews.

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