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60 Seconds! Cheats Freeze The Timer, Adds Infinite Food, Water, Super Stats

Robot Gentleman’s 60 Seconds! came out way back in 2015. The game is hugely successful, widely popular, and a very engaging game despite its seemingly simple premise and lo-fi gameplay. However, if you’ve been itching for some cheats and a way to etch out a win without having to invest a lot of time and energy into actually getting good at the game, there are some cheat trainers available for you.

The first trainer can be downloaded right now from over on the page.

The 60 Seconds! trainer contains the following options:

+10 Food

+10 Water

Infinite Food

Infinite Water

Good Health

There’s a caveat to using the cheats here. You’ll need to be fully in the game to activate them only after the game has already used the functions at least once. So when you get to the part where your food and water are actually running out or your health begins to deteriorate, then and only then should you activate the cheat trainer. Otherwise, it may glitch the game and it won’t work.

60 Seconds Cheats

The second cheat trainer for 60 Seconds! is a premium download from Cheat Happens.

The trainer comes with the following options:

Freeze Timer

Super Stats

Change Food

Change Water

The freeze timer cheat is probably going to be your most useful cheat option because it means you can stock up on as much food and resources as you want. You see, the trick to the game is that a nuclear bomb drops and you only have 60 seconds to scour the house for resources and food. After that, you’ll need to manage your resources while surviving for as long as you possibly can with your family in the bomb shelter.

The developers are actually working on a sequel called 60 Parsecs!, which takes place in space. You can check out the 60 Parsecs! app page for more info, or pick up a copy of 60 Seconds! from the Steam store.

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