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Amazon’s Smart Speaker “Alexa” Has Integrated With Other Devices, Appliances, And Vehicles

Most consumers know about Amazon’s current smart speakers, which are the Echo Plus, the Echo (2nd Generation), and the Echo Spot all using the AI- Alexa. What some may not know is that Amazon is working with companies that have integrated Alexa in their devices, appliances, or vehicles.

Early this year at the 2018 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) Alexa was introduced in having other capabilities besides working with Amazon Echo smart speakers, as reported by Pocket Lint.

Amazon has also included Alexa in the Amazon Fire TV, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick, so now users can talk to their TV right from their remote control. Also the TV manufacture Hisense has a new range of televisions with many having the capability of Alexa to control volume, channels and programming, and users can also connect to the internet radio services, control the smart home devices, and do shopping and much more. Another 2018 flagship TV the LG AI OLED and the Signature Wallpaper model announced are offering the services of Alexa and Google Assistant, both offering voice control which will allow users to search for content and control other elements from the TV by using the power of their voices. Acer 4K Ultra – HD Projectors will also support Alexa, allowing users to have control through any Amazon Echo device, users will have the ability to turn on and off the power, change sources, adjust brightness, and much more.

Even more big company names have announced it’s affiliation with Amazon Alexa, Panasonic has announced its four new ultra HD Blue- ray players will included a variety of features including Alexa voice control and Amazon Video streaming support. Samsung and LG both announced their smart kitchen appliances will enabled Alexa, LG new ThinQ range and it’s new Instaview refrigerator both include AI, which allows full voice control, as well as the ability to play music.

Whirpool has announced it’s 2018 line-up will include integrating Amazon Alexa with it’s new smart appliances, such as smart washers and dryers, microwaves, and refrigerators, once again, users will have the ability to voice control to start, stop, and adjust temperatures on ovens, or check the time left on the dishwasher cycle, all by incorporating voice control using Alexa.

Business Insider is also reporting that RCare, a maker of wireless nurse call systems, has recently  integrated its services into Amazon’s Alexa.

Since a new way to shop on-line is through Smart mirrors and Smart bathroom accessories, Amazon has capitalized on this new venture by not only providing Alexa voice control, but also supplying the products at Amazon on-line. One of the top name brand supplier Kohler has announced a new Alexa powered smart mirror, the users voice will allow changes in adjusting the mirror, lighting, controlling other home gadgets, and even reading the news if requested. While we’re talking about the bathroom, the company Moen has released a Smart shower, the company plans to add Alexa and Siri this year, the feature will include the voice control of controlling the water temperature in the shower before stepping out the bed,

Amazon has also become a part of the growing number of tech companies using AI in vehicles. Recently BMW, Seat, and Mercedes have announced integrating Alexa in their new 2018 models. The new design will include the ability to control the in-car navigation and infotainment systems, and on some cars will have the ability to start, unlock and lock using Alexa. Note: Talk has it that other companies are working on ways to incorporate Alexa without buying a new vehicle. I’m sure updates on that will be coming soon.

Home safety first? Well no worries, OneLink Safe &Sound devices have combined a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector with Amazon’s Alexa. Not only does it work as a smoke/carbon monoxide detector, but also as a speaker for music playback, and a hands free voice assistant via built-in Alexa, and users can also test and silence the alarm when necessary all through an app. Many companies are now offering Smart lighting for in home, as you might already guessed, Amazon is on it with Alexa, many of these new devices will allow for Alexa to control lighting through voice control and an Echo device. But a few companies are bringing Alexa right into the product design itself.

Many new computers,laptops and notebooks will be incorporating Alexa into their system, as well as headphones, watches, and other wearable. It looks like Amazon has taken Alexa to the next level.

Photo Credit: Esist Tech

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