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1517700cookie-checkForza Horizon 4 GamesCom Video Previews Checkpoint Races, Survival Mode

Forza Horizon 4 GamesCom Video Previews Checkpoint Races, Survival Mode

During this year’s GamesCom, Microsoft revealed four minutes worth of gameplay footage of Forza Horizon 4. There are a couple of events on display from show, including team checkpoint racing and team survival .

The survival mode takes place in a designated area where one team has to be chased the other team has to tag them. The chasers basically have to tag all the other team mates before time runs out. At the end of the round the sides will switch and the team that had to do the surviving then has to chase down the survivors. The team who survived the longest will win the event.

You can see the gameplay demonstration below, courtesy of PS360HD.

The second event is the team checkpoint racing. We see the groups weaving in and out of traffic and attempting to reach each checkpoint first. The open-ended nature of the race means you can take shortcuts where possible, but they may not always put you in the lead.

The final event is sort of a racing version of juggernaut. You’ll need to become the King and then avoid the other players while racking up points. The one with the most points when the time runs out wins the event.

The gameplay is standard fare and the graphics are about what you would expect from a Forza Horizon game.

If you’re into the open-world events and multiplayer racing, similar to Need For Speed World, then you’ll probably enjoy Forza Horizon 4. There doesn’t appear to be anything spectacularly new in the game that would really win gamers over if they already have Forza Horizon through Forza Horizon 4. So I suppose if you really just love the game series then it might be worth checking out, but otherwise it’s just a lot more of the same with the added diversity schtick for the customization.

The game is due out for the Xbox One and PC.

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