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1514890cookie-checkGreen Hell, Single-Player Survival Game To Hit PC Via Steam On August 29th

Green Hell, Single-Player Survival Game To Hit PC Via Steam On August 29th

Want to go head first into the fiery vegetation known as Green Hell? Later this month you will be able to explore the chasm of Hell right on Earth in the harsh rainforest environment. The wild inhabitants and the dangers of mother nature will consume you on PC via Steam Early Access come August 29th.

According to publisher and developer Creepy Jar, Green Hell focuses on realism in both its world building and gameplay mechanics. Will see how realistic the game plays at launch, but in the meantime, everything that is crafted or built is said to be necessary for survival.

In addition to Green Hell’s core, the game opts to be a psychological thriller. The hardest battles you’ll face aren’t just the maze of trees but your own weaknesses and fears.

Other features such as typical crafting and base building will be a thing in Green Hell, which can be found in numerous indie survival/Minecraftian games.

With all of that said, the above will come to fruition later this month as noted and seen below:

“We are excited to announce that the first-person, psychological survival simulator, Green Hell will be hitting Steam Early Access on August 29th, 2018! Set in the uncharted depths of the sweltering Amazon rainforest players will be challenged at every turn in a desperate quest for survival. From the harsh rainforest environment to its wild inhabitants, the player may never know friend from foe until it’s too late. Check out the all new Green Hell Early Access trailer.”

Speaking of water, if you thirst to play this very game and seek to unveil the hidden story behind this title and why the protagonist ended up in this emerald nightmare, the devs will trickle information to fans from now leading up to Green Hell’s release.

You can stand at the gates of the garden of Hell by taking a trip over to or its Steam page.

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