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Outpost Zero Cheats Feature God Mode, Infinite Energy

Symmetric Games and tiny builds Outpost Zero is one of those titles that kind of slipped in under the radar and seemingly came out of nowhere. The base-building, simulation survival game has already garnered a loyal but critical following and shows some promise for being one of those niche titles that grows its own insular community over the years. For those of you who don’t care about any of that stuff and just want some Outpost Zero cheats to mess around with, we got you covered.

The first cheat trainer is available for download from the MegaDev.Info website.

The Outpost Zero cheats contained within the trainer are listed below:

Infinite energy

Low energy

Low health

Low armor

Infinite armor

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Some of the cheats are free, most are available through the premium membership. I’m not sure why anyone would want to make use of the hardcore cheats in a hardcore survival-sim, but they’re there for those of you who have a penchant for the masochistic side of interactive entertainment.

You can also grab a second cheat trainer from over on Cheat Happens.

The Outpost Zero trainer contains the following options:

Set HP

Set Shields

Set Insulation

Set Armor

Unlimited Suit Energy

It features many of the same cheats as the MegaDev trainer, but with the added ability to quickly build structures and make the construction a lot easier in order to establish habitats and stabilize colonies.

The downside is that the trainer requires a premium membership, so you’ll have to fork over a few coins to make that possible.

The good news is that if you don’t want to lob your hard earned money at anyone for an opportunity to cheat in a game, you can grab the free cheat table for the Cheat Engine from over on Fearless Revolution.

The cheat table for Outpost Zero features the following cheat options:

God Mode

Refill Energy

Set Health

Set Energy

Max Energy

You will need to first attach the the table to the SurvivalGame-Win64-Shipping.exe process. Outside of that the only other caveat to keep in mind is that god mode works so long as you have at least some bit of shield left. So it’s probably best you combine those cheats when activating them.

Now keep in mind that you can play Outpost Zero online with other players. So if you attempt to cheat while playing online there is the possibility of incurring a rather stiff VAC ban from Valve if you’re not careful, so it’s best to only use the cheats in single-player games or with other players who are okay with you cheating.

Outpost Zero is currently in Early Access over on the Steam store for $19.99.

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