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SoulCalibur VI Libra Of Soul Trailer Highlights Character Creation

Bandai Namco is getting serious about the upcoming release of SoulCalibur VI, and finally released the Libra of Soul story trailer for the game’s character customization mode, giving players an idea of what all the sword clashing and arena battling is all about.

The trailer explains that fighters from all over will attempt to travel the land to become a renown swordsman and also save the world along the way. The character creation allows you to modify and construct a male or female fighter, and then embark on a journey where they must trade blows with the other characters on the roster, earning experience and new equipment along the way. You can check out the trailer below to get a good look at the returning mode in action.

As showcased in the trailer, you can choose from 16 different races, which range from ogres and lizardmen, to skeletons and mummies. Obviously there are elves, humans, and vampires to choose from as well.

You’ll be able to change your character’s body shape, including their height and build. You can change their face type, hair style, eyebrows, voice, horns, and accessories.

SoulCalibur VI - Character Creation

You’ll also be able to choose your character’s clothing, army type, patterns, and colors.

Once you get done with the creation process, then it’s on to the actual story mode for the created character. This is in addition to the traditional story mode featuring the main roster.

It’s one of those games that really makes Dead or Alive 6 look like a terrible purchase, given that you have so much content to unlock and indulge in with SoulCalibur VI. You can look for the upcoming fighting game to launch on October 19th, 2018 later this year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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