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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies IX Gameplay Walkthrough

There are a number of new Zombies maps made available in Activision and Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Instead of including just one map, Activision included several maps this time around. For gamers who have found themselves having a difficult time figuring out how to get things done and how to move in the right direction to unlock the Easter eggs, there are some walkthroughs available to help you with everything from activating the Pack-a-Punch to upgrading the Wonder Weapon.

Longtime Call of Duty erudite NoahJ456 rolled out a number of guides for the mode and how to activate, enable, unlock, and advance through the IX map. So first up, it’s the Pack-a-Punch.

How To Pack-a-Punch In IX

At the start you’ll need to ring one of the gongs in the four altar rooms of the gods. Once you ring the gong once you’ll need to defeat the champion that hops down into the room and take his head.

Proceed across the bridge and then activate the Zeus gong on the next side. Kill the champion and take his head, then proceed to the north side of the arena and activate the gong again.

Cross the bridge into Odin’s altar and activate the fourth gong. This will open up the catacombs where you’ll need to proceed to the very bottom area in the altar room.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 IX Pack-a-Punch Tutorial

You’ll need to place all four of the heads of the champions on the spikes.

Once you do that you’ll need to wait a moment – maybe around 10 seconds. Once the heads go down on the spikes a portal will open up and the portal will actually be the Pack-a-Punch machine. That’s literally it.

How To Get The Death of Orion Wonder Weapon

The Wonder Weapon in IX is a magical scorpion weapon called Death of Orion. Once you spawn into the map go around the arena and shoot the ropes around the banners over the entryways into the arena.

This will start the challenges for the IX map. Proceed to complete the original Pack-a-Punch process and complete the Pack-a-Punch challenge where you unlock a Pack-a-Punch pistol.

Next up, you’ll need to claim your reward – which is the pistol – from the center of the map above a cauldron. Hold down Square on the DualShock to grab the weapon or hold down ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller to retrieve the pistol.

Once you get the pistol a blue cauldron will appear in the center of the platform on a pedestal. Take the cauldron.

Make sure that the Pack-a-Punch part is completed and when that happens it will blow open a door. Go through the door and shoot the cauldron off the brick rubble and it will fall onto the floor.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 IX Wonder Weapon Tutorial

Go back into the main Pack-a-Punch area and collect two different parts. They’re located in the corners of the room. Move along the edges and you’ll find one near a cage and another – which is a chain hanging on the wall – in the corner of the room next to a barrel with some skulls in it.

Head back up to the top of the arena and go to one of the two southern-positioned towers and look on the ground to see what shape the fire takes on the ground. The fire creates an arrow that points to one of the four towers.

Head down to the bottom of the tower and grab the stone head. The Zeus head is located in the corner of the bath; the stone head is located near the flaming head in the Ra tower; and in the Odin tower it is near the cauldron.

Go to the Ra tower entrance and create an acid trap over the grate. Activate the trap and it will burn away the skulls to reveal a scorpion key. Take the key.

Go back into the middle of the arena and kill a bunch of zombies to get high crowd affinity. You’ll know that you get the affinity when the green thumbs up appears.

If you do it successfully a golden flask will be placed into the arena.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 IX Golden Flask

Proceed into the basement area of Danu, and place the tap into the tree and the golden flask beneath the tap. Wait for the flask to fill up and then retrieve it.

Head over to the mystery box and on the leftmost corner of the box you will have the option to pour the acid from the flask into the mystery box. Hold down Square (or ‘X’) to pour the flask into the mystery box.

The next weapon you get out of the box will be the Death of Orion. Once you get the weapon you will be able to upgrade it at the Pack-a-Punch machine.

There’s also a livestream for the main Easter egg hunt on the IX map that NoahJ456 posted up.

The Easter egg hunt will be a little more intense and a little more drawn out this time around because there are multiple zombies maps included in Black Ops 4 as opposed to the game just launching with one map.

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