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1531790cookie-checkEverspace Set To Launch On Nintendo Switch December 13th

Everspace Set To Launch On Nintendo Switch December 13th

German developer Rockfish Games announced that Everspace: Stellar Edition is set to make its way onto the Nintendo Switch starting December 13th with a special 20% discount for only $31.99, down from the usual $39.99 price point. The game originally came out on PC back in the spring of 2017, and then eventually made its way to the Xbox One and PS4. The developers are now gearing up for release on the Switch this holiday season.

The Everspace: Stellar Edition for the Nintendo Switch will initially be available for those who pre-order starting December 11th. The full package will come with the soundtrack, the Encounters add-on DLC, and an interactive art-book, along with 41 different achievements. You’ll be able to get the Stellar Edition for $39.99, with the digital version set to arrive first in December and then a special boxed retail edition set to arrive later on in 2019 both in Europe and North America.

Back in August during the initial announcement of the game arriving on the Switch, there was a gameplay trailer that was released to give you an idea of what the rogue-like space sim was like, which you can check out below.

Visually the game is rather impressive, especially to be on the Nintendo Switch. At first glance you would have easily assumed it was a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game. But nay, it is for the Switch.

The game sees players traveling across the galaxy as a bounty hunter, collecting credits and upgrades to either enhance their ship or purchase new ships.

If you’ve been craving a really good space sim for the Switch, you can look to get in on the action of the Unreal Engine-powered Everspace: Stellar Edition in December. It’s probably worth it for gamers who want something a little different from their current Switch library, which consists mostly of platforming games, indie hipster games, some RPGs, and a few racing games.

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