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1530530cookie-checkThe Textorcist Is A Bullet-Hell Text-Typing Exorcism Simulator

The Textorcist Is A Bullet-Hell Text-Typing Exorcism Simulator

There aren’t enough religious games out there, especially games where you have to cleans the world of demonic possessions and play as a badass priest. Well, thankfully Headup Games and MorbidWare decided it was time to change things up and give gamers an action-oriented, bullet-hell experience unlike anything else out there.

In The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia, gamers take on the role of Ray Bibbia, an exorcist who must battle demons across the forsaken lands steeped in sin and degeneracy. These aren’t normal demons, though. These demons uncork a spit-fire of deadly projectiles while Ray attempts to exorcise them. The hook for the game is that in order to defeat the demons you must dodge their deadly bolts and use the keyboard to type out the exorcism passages to finally send them back to hell.

These epic exorcisms will be carried out while some hot tunes from GosT play in the background, giving the game the rocking edge that players need in order to carry out the order of the Lord. You can check out the high-impact gameplay for The Textorcist below.

The game is like The Binding of Isaac meets Brutal Legend meets The Exorcist.

Anyone who really wants to kick some demons in the dick using their text-typing skills are going to love The Textorcist.

But that’s not all.

The game’s difficulty severely ramps up in the later stages, as not only will you be required to learn the patterns of the demons and dodge the projectile fire, but you’ll also have to perform exorcisms in Latin!

How crazy is that?

You’ll exorcise demons while dodging projectile vomit, while defusing a bomb like John McClane from Die Hard, while basking among the mosh pit sins of a heavy metal concert, and while taking down ancient bosses of old.

The game features 10 epic boss fights across the city of Rome, and much like the old Ghostbusters game on the Sega Genesis, you’ll be able to see where your next gig is on the city map.

Whether you like the concept or the art or not, you have to admit that this is a pretty unique take on fairly unexplored territory in gaming. You can learn more about The Textorcist, which is due for release in the first quarter of 2019, by visiting the Steam store page.

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