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Warframe Fortuna Guide: How To Fish, Mine, Hunt And Build K-Drive

Digital Extremes’ Waframe is still seeing new content such as the Fortuna update, which adds new fish, mining materials, the option to hunt and the ability to build K-Drives. If you are looking for a guide to understanding all of the above, hopefully, this guide will be of use. Warframe is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Notice: The following information might not reflect future updates made to Fortuna and content to come. In other words, please do keep in mind that this guide may not include upcoming changes/alterations.

Firstly, if you want to go fishing, you can use your fishing rods from the Plains of Eidolon in Orb Vallis. However, it is best to buy the new rods (Shockprog rod) from The Business so that you don’t damage the techno fish when fishing. Make sure to equip the new fishing rod(s) in your Gear slot to use. A video guide by YouTuber MCGamerCZ covers how to fish and catch them efficiently.

Whether or not you have the mining tools from the Plains of Eidolon (equipped in your Gear slot), it is best to go to the Smokefinger and buy the Sunpoint Plasma Drill, which is a straight-up upgrade when comparing it to other drills.

It is worth noting that the mining has changed, much like fishing, where you must hit specific colors in a radius to gather materials. A video by YouTuber Faceless Beanie covers the ins-and-outs of modern mining:

If you want to hunt, do know you must visit The Business and buy and equip the Tranquilizer Rifle. You can also use Lures to find the creature you’re hunting. Track the animal down and then carefully use the tranquilizer Rifle to knock it out. A video by Quite Shallow has visual instructions on how to hunt.

The last, video covers how to obtain a K-Drive (hover-board) and build up points. You will need to go up to the second level and find a vent with eyes and a tongue spray-painted on it. Enter into this vent to find the Ventkids. You can build up separate reputation points and buy board parts for rep points.

To earn quick points, you can grind objects around the place like the main big pipe right outside the lift door and grind it back and forth. Anyway, you can check out a video guide right here thanks to YouTuber MrJuicebags.

You can learn more about this update by heading over to Warframe wiki to research all-things Fortuna and Orb Vallis.

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