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Persona 5 R Not Coming To Nintendo Switch; Details Arrive March 2019

Atlus announced that Persona 5 R is coming to the PlayStation. Details on the project won’t be arriving until March, 2019. The other big revelation is that it appears this game is not coming to the Nintendo Switch, even though a lot of people were spilling milk and tripping over themselves in anticipation for Persona 5 being announced for the Switch.

The Switch rumors originally started when Nintendo announced during The Game Awards that Joker from Pesona 5 would be the first DLC character made available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This led people down the rumor rabbit hole, assuming that Atlus and Nintendo would make some announcement about Persona 5 eventually coming to the Switch, but that certainly isn’t the case with Persona 5 R.

The announcement trailer was posted up over on the official Atlus YouTube channel, and it’s basically just the voiceover of Joker wishing people a happy new year and saying that there is more info set to arrive in March, 2019.

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything, nor does it give any indication on what the new game actually is. Some people assume that it’s a new complete edition of Persona 5 while others have joked that it might be a racing game.

Others were more perturbed at the announcement for an announcement, claiming that this is common among Japanese studios, completely ignoring the fact that Westerners announce future announcements all the time. Announcing announcements has become a new trend in marketing. EA did it for Star Wars: Battlefront 2, there was also an Expendables trailer that was announcing the trailer announcement.

I hate announcements for announcements.

Anyway, with all the speculation aside, we at least know that Persona 5 R – whatever it is – will be coming to the PlayStation. Heck, maybe it has nothing to do with Persona 5 and is actually a teaser for the PlayStation 5? I guess we’ll find out when March gets here.

You can keep an eye on the official website for further updates.

[Update:] A user pointed out in the comment section that other domains for Persona 5 have also been registered, including Persona 5 B, Persona 5 M, and Persona 5 S. Speculation is still running high on sites like Persona Central, which means that while Persona 5 R may be coming to the PlayStation 4, it’s entirely possible that Persona 5 S could be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.

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