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1536390cookie-checkNight Of The Blood Moon Soundtrack Arrives With The Game’s Release On Steam

Night Of The Blood Moon Soundtrack Arrives With The Game’s Release On Steam

You can currently buy Night of the Blood Moon over on the Steam store for $7.99. The rogue-lite action title originally had its audio design Kickstarted via crowdfunding back in July of 2018 to the tune of $5,200.

While Tyler McDermott may have put his heart and soul into bringing the game to life on Valve’s digital distribution storefront, Chris Logsdon put his heart and soul into bringing the game’s soundtrack to life, which is currently available to purchase over on the BandCamp artist page.

The soundtrack for the indie game is available right now for just $5. You can actually listen to some of the tracks right now via the embed below.

The music collection spans chiptunes and electronic beats with some light drum and bass, as well as the kind of synthetic elements you would expect from a video game that is both fast-paced and environmentally eclectic.

According to Logsdon, he originally went into the project expecting to dole out just another a collection of chords and melodies for an indie project, but soon found himself swooning in the creative vortex of inspiration after seeing what the game had to offer, saying…

“This was a super fun soundtrack to work on! At first I actually thought it would be easy – just a bunch of beats to keep the action going. There was a lot more to it though, and it really pushed me to grow in ways I wasn’t expecting. We put a ton of thought into the instrument choices, melodies, pacing… everything. There was a lot of back-and-forth iteration that regularly devolved into us just sharing music we love with each other!


“It’s been a wild ride, and I’m very thankful that Tyler wanted to work with me. I have a lot of respect for developers like him who work solo to make their passion projects come to life.


“I hope you enjoy the unique charm of this game, and that you feel the passion put into every line of code and every note played!”

When you get done listening to the soundtrack you can check out the game as well, which is currently available on Steam.

The rogue-lite from Tyler McDermott only just recently launched on January 21st, 2019, so you might have to wait a while before the reviews start piling in, but if you enjoy the soundtrack you might enjoy the game.

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