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1537530cookie-checkABC Cancels All-Female Marvel Super Hero TV Drama

ABC Cancels All-Female Marvel Super Hero TV Drama

Apparently some shows are going broke before they even have a chance to get woke. spotted a story over on Deadline revealing that the ABC network dropped a live-action, Marvel-based television drama that was previously in development for a big pilot premiere.

The hook of the show was that it was going to be an all-female team of lesser known Marvel super heroines, presumably fighting against the patriarchy in the #MeToo era. Of course, details about the actual show weren’t revealed so we don’t actually know if it was going to have a feminist bent, but based on every single other major female-led property out there with a feminist bent, I have no reason to believe that the cancelled show would have been any different.

Anyway, it was originally scheduled to be part of the ABC night-time drama focused at the female television demographic, fitting in alongside what’s called “Shondaland” programs airing during prime time, such as Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal. The show was announced back in mid-September, 2018, as noted by TV Line.

Deadline is unsure exactly why the show was cancelled ahead of its scheduled release, and the only quote they were able to glean from the production was from Wonder Woman writer, Allan Heinberg, who simply told the outlet…

“I hope there is more than we are doing together,”

Cosmic Book speculates that some of the shows being removed from other stations and streaming services like Netflix could be a calculated move by Disney to move them all over to their own streaming service called Disney+.

Again, since there’s no word on why ABC pulled the plug it’s all just speculation for now. It could have been anything from costs to quality to Disney wanting the show for their own service.

Based on the way the stories are worded, the show could pop up again at some point in the future, or it could be dead in the water. It’s hard to make a case that it belongs on the Get Woke; Go Broke master list since we don’t even know how woke it was.

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