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1539310cookie-checkCaptain Marvel Audience Anticipation Rating Plummets To 31%

Captain Marvel Audience Anticipation Rating Plummets To 31%

Captain Marvel audience anticipation ratings are plummeting. At the moment, Rotten Tomtaoes is showing that only 31% of 38,115 people are interested in seeing Marvel’s upcoming female-led super hero flick, Captain Marvel.


Just seven hours before the publication of this article, the audience rating was nestled in at 33%, so in just the span of an average work shift, there was a two percent drop in the rating.

This means that the more people are being made aware of the drop in interest, the more people are showing a lack of interest in wanting to see the film.

You can contribute to the score – either for or against – by visiting the Rotten Tomatoes page.

Captain Marvel - Brie Larson

You simply have to add a comment and click on whether or not you “Want to See” the film or if you’re “Not Interested.

The score has been steadily dropping since Rotten Tomatoes opened up user voting for the movie. Plenty of potential film-goers opted to say they were “Not Interested” after the lead actress, Brie Larson, basically took a media tour complaining about the amount of white males critiquing movies and working in the media journalism business. Her comments did not go unheard, nor unheeded.

Various fans of Marvel made their displeasure known by saying that they wouldn’t be watching the film. Left-wing media outlets attempted to hijack this phenomenon by falsely proclaiming that users were “review bombing” Captain Marvel.


Only… there were no reviews.

Users were just leaving comments, and the media tried turning it into a fake news controversy.

At this point, though, the flagrantly biased support of Captain Marvel by agenda-driven media outlets and the pro-feminist theme that many activists within the digital and print media sectors are running with ,has duly soured the anticipation for many potential popcorn and theater-going film aficionados.

We’ve seen a steady and rapid decline in the user anticipation numbers since then, and it’s unlikely that the numbers will peter out.

Some sites have been attempting to run damage control, claiming that Larson never intended to exclude anyone from the conversation when she spent months railing on white men, as reported by

However, the damage is already done, and tens of thousands of people are already committed to not watching the film.

How much this will affect the box office remains to be seen, but it’s definitely not a good look for Disney or Marvel heading into the release of one of their tent pole flicks that’s supposed to be a lead-in for Avengers: End Game.

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