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1537630cookie-checkFear The Wolves, Chernobyl Battle Royale Game Graduates From Early Access On Steam

Fear The Wolves, Chernobyl Battle Royale Game Graduates From Early Access On Steam

Vostok Games and Focus Home Interactive announced that Fear The Wolves has officially graduated from Early Access on Steam. The game is currently free-to-play for the next five days on the digital distribution platform, allowing gamers to check out the first-person, Battle Royale-survival game ahead of taking the dive and making a purchase for the full version, which is available for $19.99, but it’s discounted during the first week of being on sale by 50% off over on the Steam store.

The hook for the game is that it’s like mixing together PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with S.T.A.L.K.E.R., which makes sense given that Vostok Games is comprised of former members of the Ukrainian outlet, GSC Game World.

For the full release of Fear The Wolves, the team worked on improving the overall gameplay, adding in new features, and optimizing the experience. They tease what’s new in version 1.0 with the launch trailer below.

The trailer takes a cinematic approach to the gameplay, highlighting how players will need to work together, fight against the mutant animals, acquire weapons, avoid the hazardous zones, and always fear the wolves.

You have a mixture of vehicular-based gameplay, item scavenging, and forced-exploration due to the hazardous zones moving around the map and goading players to acquire artifacts, upgrade their gear and avoid being enveloped by the radiation.

The action takes place across a 25 kilometer square map, and given the random inclusion of environmental hazards and the spread of deadly radiation it means that no two matches will be the same.

The main objective is to attempt to be one of the last players to reach the extraction zone and get to the helicopter, not unlike the concept behind the Red Zone in The Division.

Fear The Wolves features more than 20 different weapons, dozens of different attachments, and PvPvE where players will battle against other players along with facing off against hordes of mutants, vicious wolves, and other creatures in a fight for survival.

You can learn more about Fear The Wolves by visiting the Steam store page. The game currently has a mixed user review rating due to client crashes, screen freezes, and game kicks, but hopefully Vostok can address the technical aspects of the game to get it running clean and proper, since a lot of people seem to really enjoy the concept.

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