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1538090cookie-checkThe Textorcist Free Demo Lets You Try Out Some Bullet-Hell Exorcisms On Steam

The Textorcist Free Demo Lets You Try Out Some Bullet-Hell Exorcisms On Steam

Roman developer MorbidWare and German publisher Headup announced that there’s a free demo currently available for the bullet-hell typing game, Textorcist. You can grab the demo right now by heading on over to the Steam store page where the demo is available right now ahead of the game’s release on February 14th.

The game is about a priest who goes on a rampage against demonic entities by using the power of Godly conviction and exorcisms to overcome evil and defeat the demons plaguing the land. The game features a hardcore rocking soundtrack by Gost, and unparalleled, skill-based gameplay themed around typing out exorcisms while dodging the attacks of demonic enemies.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to give you an idea of what it’s like.

So yeah, this is like a 16-bit Sega Genesis title that escaped the counter-culture awesomeness of the 1990s and found its way into the ultra-PC era of hugboxes and snowflakes. Hopefully this will give gamers the biting edge they need to snap back at the nanny-state culture that has absolutely ruined all forms of entertainment.

Anyway, the demo comes jam packed with two playable levels and a tutorial, giving you an idea of what the gameplay is like and how the typing and dodging systems work.

The full version of the game will see you facing off against 10 different bosses, dodging tons of bullets, and attempting to get the highest score possible with the online leaderboards.


Now even though the game is themed around using a keyboard to type out real exorcisms in English, Latin, and other languages, you can also use a gamepad and play the game in rookie mode as well, just in case your typing skills aren’t so hot.

You can get your hands on the demo right now by visiting the Steam page or you can look for the full version of the game to launch on February 14th.

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