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1537810cookie-checkWorld War Z Sports PvPvZ Modes, Will Be Exclusive To Epic Games Store On PC

World War Z Sports PvPvZ Modes, Will Be Exclusive To Epic Games Store On PC

Saber Interactive rolled out a new trailer for World War Z covering the game’s PvPvZ elements, where you and your buddies will be facing off against other players while also taking on zombies. This sort of three-way royal rumble isn’t necessarily new, but it’s rare that this kind of mode makes an appearance in a brand name console title.

The new trailer covering the mode is only 52 seconds long, but it drops the info and the gameplay mechanics right into the laps of gamers to ensure that they can see everything going on and how it all plays out in the upcoming third-person, cooperative and competitive-based zombie survival game.

You can check it out below.

World War Z sports five different game modes for the PvPvZ, including Scavenge Raid to secure resources around the map; Vaccine Hunt where players must secure the vaccine and hold on to it to rack up the most points; Swarm Deathmatch, which is about who scores the most points to win; Swarm Domination, which is about who can take rack up the most score from the control points around the map; and King of the Hill, where there’s a single hill that has to be dominated in order to win.

Now originally it wasn’t clear if the game was coming to PC because back during the E3 trailer it only showcased the Xbox One and PS4 logos. However, now it’s been revealed that the game is only launching on the Epic Games Store for PC. So no Steam release… for now.

This sort of exclusivity has not gone down well with some gamers, especially when games like Metro: Exodus were advertised first on Steam before hitting gamers with the revelation that it will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store up until 2020. Gamers rebelled by review bombing the Steam pages for the older Metro games to let others know that they didn’t appreciate the bait and switch.

In this case, Saber Interactive held off on detailing the PC platform availability, and even avoided showing the PC logo during the initial reveal. However, now it’s become apparent that the game will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Whether or not it’s a timed release is still up in the air, but it will be coming to PC when it launches alongside the Xbox One and PS4 in 2019.

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