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1467260cookie-checkComedy Central’s Jim Jefferies Says He’s Not A Big Fan Of Islam And Thinks Wearing A Burqa Is Stupid

Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies Says He’s Not A Big Fan Of Islam And Thinks Wearing A Burqa Is Stupid

Comedian Jim Jefferies took digs at Islam during an interview he had months ago with Jewish content creator Avi Yemini. The interview only recently aired as part of Jefferies’ coverage of the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting, where he used the footage of Yemini to mock him and attempt to portray the outspoken Jewish pundit as Islamophobic while pretending to champion immigration and open borders.

What Jefferies didn’t know was that Yemini had setup his phone to record the conversation while he was being filmed, so that he was able to capture some of Jefferies unedited comments and honest opinions about Islam that didn’t make it into the Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central. This was a smart tactic after Jefferies used some editing magic to make #ComicsGate supporter Richard C. Meyer appear racist in a carefully orchestrated hit-piece.

Yemini aired pieces of the segment on his YouTube channel in a seven minute teaser, which you can watch below.

Yemini has plans to release the full hour long video that his phone captured next week.

In the teaser, however, there’s one segment between Jefferies and Yemini where they discuss Muhammad and how you can’t joke about him in Islamic communities because of how dangerous it is. Jefferies ignores Yemini’s forewarning and proceeds to draw a mocking image of the Prophet Mohammad, saying “He looks like a wobbly ghost”.

Later on in the video that was recording the entire session, unbeknownst to Jefferies, the Australian host and Yemini both discuss their dislikes of Islam, to which Jefferies says…

“I’m not a big fan of Islam. […]


“I think that wearing a burqa is stupid and demeaning and all those things.”

The two also discuss which one is dangerous, a dingo or Islam. They both agree that dingos and Islam are dangerous. Yemini notes that a dingo ate a baby – Jefferies cut in and said if a dingo ate a “bloody Muslim baby” it would probably vomit it, to which Yemini recoils and says…

“No… I don’t actually agree with that shit. […] That’s not funny. You’re talking about fucking killing kids. That’s crossing a line. There’s a fucking line.”

Jefferies attempts to smooth it over by hand-waving away the exchange, to which he likely wanted to bait Yemini into furthering the joke to make him look bad during the segment but Yemini didn’t bite. Jefferies then says…

“We’ll edit this bit out. I never look bad in these interviews.”

That’s true for when there is no unedited footage of the interviews. In this case, Yemini provided footage from behind the scenes of Jefferies denigrating Islam and mocking Muhammad.

In the full seven minute segment that aired on Comedy Central, Jefferies is right that he completely avoided being made a fool, but definitely went out of his way to ensure that Yemini was made to look ridiculous. The segment was posted up on March 20th, 2019.

You can view it below.

As you can see, the whole bait about the dingos eating Muslim babies was to get Yemini to say something so that he could use it against him during the part where they were talking about the dingo fence. However, thankfully, Yemini didn’t bite.

Also, you’ll note that in the tweet, Jefferies is getting absolutely ripped to shreds in the comment section by people linking to Yemini’s video exposing Jim for being “Islamophobic” and for mocking Muhammad.

As Yemini mentioned in his own video, one must wonder how the Muslims will respond to Jefferies mocking Muhammad?

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)

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