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1467140cookie-checkGenius! GIRL GoePPels-Chan Ep1 Finally Launches On Steam For $2.99

Genius! GIRL GoePPels-Chan Ep1 Finally Launches On Steam For $2.99

After multiple delays, being held up in review by Valve for undisclosed reasons, and after worries began to mount, WarMachine’s Genius! GIRL GoePPels-Chan Ep1 has finally launched onto the Steam store for $2.99.

The visual novel originally came out back in 2016, but wasn’t added to Steam until August of 2018, last year. WarMachine spent some time ensuring that the game was properly fine tuned to Valve’s requirements, and in January of 2019 things began picking up. A release date was set back in February, 2019, but then the release date passed and it was pushed back by a few days. This went on all throughout the end of February and all throughout March.

Finally, after multiple delays and being indefinitely held up by Valve, the company finally gave WarMachine the go ahead to launch on Steam and it’s currently available at this very moment. How long will it stay that way? Who knows? Right now it’s available so it might be best to grab it quick.

According to the SteamDB entry, the release date was originally going to be March 23rd, 2019 but it was changed to March 20th at the last minute.

There are some battles taking place in the forums from the usual suspects who didn’t want a game about a loli on Steam, but others came in and rushed to WarMachine’s defense, noting that satire should still be allowed and freedom of expression shouldn’t capitulate its platform to censorship.

Regardless of what you think about the game, WarMachine’s contentious title is finally available for purchase after a long and arduous road getting to the Steam store and finally releasing on the Steam store. The developer is probably just happy the satirical visual novel about a gender-swapped loli version of Goebbels wasn’t banned like all the other games on the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 list.

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