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1466550cookie-checkIGN Adds Affiliate Link Disclosure To Articles After #GamerGate Campaign

IGN Adds Affiliate Link Disclosure To Articles After #GamerGate Campaign

IGN updated their articles featuring automated affiliate links by adding in an automated disclosure that lets visitors know that certain articles contain paid affiliate links.

The news was spotted by the folks over on Kotaku In Action, who noted that there’s now a new disclosure notice when you visit web pages on IGN that contain the “Deal” marker, which appeared for a number of products, including games like Resident Evil 7. It now looks like in the image below.

The disclosure only appears in articles where the “See Deal” marker pops up next to a product linked in the article.

The disclosure is also plainly visible and capable of viewing seen on the page right where the marker appears. Originally when you visited a page there was no indication that the deals that appeared on the page were actually affiliate links that IGN earned a commission from. When the issue first popped up some gamers decided to contact the FTC about the issue. It didn’t take too long for IGN to respond to the complains and add in a disclosure for the affiliate links.

This means that IGN is now in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s policy guidelines for proper disclosures regarding advertisements and product placement.

The FTC’s guidelines were originally updated after #GamerGate put together some campaigns back in 2014 to compel them to look into video game reviews and enthusiast media promotion of products without disclosure.

Not every media website updated their ethics policies or disclosed their affiliate links as required by law, and it required additional campaigns to convince outlets like Vulture, PCMag, The Verge and VG 24/7.

IGN’s update of their affiliate link disclosure was well welcomed by the ethics enforcers in the Kotaku in Action community, as well as the remnants of the #GamerGate crowd at large.

(Thanks for the news tip Ebicentre)

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