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1467560cookie-checkNew Zealand Deems Christchurch Shooter Manifesto Illegal, Sharing It Could Result In Jail Time

New Zealand Deems Christchurch Shooter Manifesto Illegal, Sharing It Could Result In Jail Time

The New Zealand government has deemed the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto illegal, which is basically what he wanted. The idea was that he wanted State parties to increase censorship to force people to rebel against the measures to create more divide. The New Zealand government has obliged his whims with aplomb.

According to a Radio New Zealand report published on March 23rd, 2019, the 74-page manifesto has officially be classified as “objectionable”, and therefore illegal to access, share, or read.

The article explains…

“Chief Censor David Shanks said others have referred to the publication as a “manifesto”, but he considers it a “crude booklet” which promotes murder and terrorism.”

Material deemed “objectionable” by the Department of Internal Affairs under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act of 1993 carries a $10,000 fine for distribution or making said material available to underage persons and the officials have put a 14-year jail time as a maximum penalty for those who knowingly share or distribute said material.

Accessing or sharing such material is also prohibited.

According to Chief Censor David Shanks…

“There is an important distinction to be made between ‘hate speech’, which may be rejected by many right-thinking people but which is legal to express, and this type of publication, which is deliberately constructed to inspire further murder and terrorism. Most New Zealanders who have read this will simply find it repellent, but most New Zealanders are not the target audience.


“It is aimed at a small group who may be receptive to its hateful, racist and violent ideology, and who may be inspired to follow the example set by its apparent author.”

We’ve already seen some New Zealand citizens being arrested and charged for sharing the shooter’s 17 minute video via social media sites, but now it’s been confirmed that sharing the manifesto can also result in jail time, too.

The manifesto actually is filled with memes, and explains how the shooter wanted to create an environment of division and discord among the populace in order to accelerate discontent through the direct response of censorship by State parties, thus eventually leading to a proletariat revolt and an eventual race war.

His manifesto was best described as a philosophy of anarcho-accelerationism.

Most media outlets and politicians – especially in New Zealand – seem to be humoring what the shooter wanted to achieve.

In fact, News Punch is reporting that some social media sites like Twitter are cracking down on people even criticizing Muslims and Islam, and there is fear spreading that more laws may be passed to prosecute people speaking ill of Islam on social media.

We discussed more of the manifesto in previous articles, which is filled with memes and purposeful misdirection.

Nevertheless, New Zealand’s widespread censorship of websites and forums sharing or discussing the manifesto seem to be playing right into the shooter’s hands, further radicalizing the polemics surrounding immigration, Islam, and the culture war.

(Thanks for the news tip EvaUnit002 and Cinj)

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