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1466110cookie-checkStar Wars Episode 1: Racer Unreal Engine 4 Free Remake Available For Download

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Unreal Engine 4 Free Remake Available For Download

You can download a free Unreal Engine 4 remake of the Star Wars Episode 1: Racer from the N64. The game features the levels, music, sound effects, and completely overhauled visuals based on the popular racing game.

The free remake is available for download over on the Google Drive.

It’s a 3GB download, featuring single-player, multiplayer, and a versus mode against different AI opponents. The remake features a single race at the Mos Eisley map on Tatooine.

There’s a near 13 minute video that was posted up from YouTuber Blackdrake42 covering the gameplay, and giving gamers a look at the visuals.

The game plays out quite nicely in the open areas and large desert spaces, but there is some obvious FPS slowdown inside of the cave where it slows down by about 10 – 15 frames.

The fidelity of the remake is what’s impressive, though. The high-poly meshes, the engine effects, the dynamic real-time shadows, and the environmental quality are all top notch. There’s even proper LOD filtering to maintain performance when moving through the Mos Eisley starting section, and some fairly tolerable blur effects while boosting. Performance isn’t perfect, but it is free so it’s not like you have much to lose.

To be a fan game it’s actually better quality and shows more polish than a lot of AAA titles out there. Then again, given how awful many AAA titles are these days, it’s not a hard bar to pass.

You can download the free remake right now while it’s still available. However, don’t expect the Star Wars Episode 1: Racer remake to stick around for too long, so you might want to work fast and download it now. Either Disney or Electronic Arts will swoop in to have the game scrubbed from the internet because gamers are no longer allowed to have fun.

(Thanks for the news tip Harrison Bergeron)

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